Was Noah, Moses, and Jesus really?

Noah: There is no extra-biblical evidence for him and the story is in various variations in other religions from the region.A common hypothesis is that all of them go back to a historical event, e.g. the sudden flooding of the Black Sea around 5,600 BC. But the person Noah is unoccupied. [1

Moses: No clear evidence, but there is evidence that it could be a real story.See e.g. Patterns of Evidence: Exodus,[2[3 available on Netflix in Germany, or read more about the so-called New Chronology[4[5 or Glasgow Chronology. [6

Jesus: There are no serious reasons to doubt that a preacher named Jesus actually existed.(The miracles are, of course, another matter.)

Another answer here claims (without footnotes or evidence) that the non-biblical sources are all forgeries.That is fundamentally wrong. Josephus, a Jew of the first century, tells of Jesus and his followers from a more hostile and critical point of view,[7[8 and Tacitus also reports on them from a critical and negative view. [9 They therefore had no reason to falsify Jesus’ existence. [10

Some scholars even assume that Jesus is mentioned in the Jewish Mixed Near and Talmud by the way. [11

And although there are certain inconsistencies in the Gospels and the three synoptic gospels probably come from a (previously undiscovered) source “Q”, perhaps Q and Mark together, these would still be two or three Christian sources (Q, John and possibly.Mark)[12 鈥?besides the so-called Gnostic Gospels,[13 which bear witness to Jesus very well.Just because they are Christian does not mean that they are generally worthless 鈥?there is only bias.

Apart from that, in time there were actually not so many primary sources.Even an important figure such as Pontius Pilate, who undoubtedly existed, was mentioned outside the Bible only on a single stone tablet 鈥?and he was a praetorian of Palestine, a high beast in the kingdom. The fact that a Jewish preacher from Galilee appears in any source at all is historically quite astonishing.


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