Was/Is the Big Bang a Standing Wave?

You cannot answer the question correctly with YES or NO.Because a vibration (a wave) is a constantly repetitive process and the questioning war already assoevers the standstill of the process orassoces a one-time operation. The question should only begin with Ist.Furthermore, the primordialbang is actually not the right expression, for a vibrating process, because from this point of view it would have to pop forever with a vibration.

The corrected question below would then explain what I would like to confirm and the following picture would explain how I imagine it.

Is the universe a standing wave?

There is actually no interior and exterior here, I just can’t represent it better.

The text & image source of this animation can be found in the answer to the question: Is it possible that the universe rotates?

In the picture, the blue sine arc that every observer will experience, no matter where its location is, is electromagnetic, but it is also the time dimension.So it vibrates the electromagnetic field, extremely slowly with the expansion speed of the universe.

But no one can answer the question with YES, because the standard model of physics is not able to know this.But there is a simple law of time:

Everything that exists in the universe changes its present state.

All things that don’t do that remain in the past. So standstill is not possible. The change of this state can only be the change of the four coordinates of the room. We equate this with a change of position and the sequence of position changes will call movement. The change time and stride length limit the Planck units, i.e. any change refers to the speed of light. All other velocities are lower and only relative vectorial sum relationships to the viewer (see Relativity Theory).

But every movement is also part of a vibration, you don’t have to believe it, you know that, otherwise you have to refute my claim, if you mean E=mc2 and E=hf are not equivalent and / or the frequency of The Planck formulation would have nothing to do with swinging.Because physics is a science, not a belief in a kind of quantum theology.

Conclusion: Our universe is ultimately a standing wave, because the vibration can only refer to the center.

But the vibration here is unbelievably low, the duration would correspond to the expansion speed of the universe.Although any substance will force its way through the center at the speed of light, the immeasurable size and quantity will always determine the expansion velocity in the distribution.

So every place in the universe experiences a different speed and each place has a different density of space (superimposed quantity and curvature) thus also other gravitational effect and thus every smallest boson would have a different scope and therefore many different processes take place near the urquell, which can no longer take place further out.For example, the synchronous interaction of circular, swinging or rotating things, which are determined by the radius of the circular function. A simple example would be the ordinary clock with gears, changing the radius of the gears, therefore the number of revolutions of the gears changes and therefore the clock ticks faster or slower without the time dilation.

It would also be interesting to ask whether one would be motionless and weightless in the center of a gravitational field, especially in the center of black holes.But my presentation shows that it can’t be like that, but I want to let that go through my head first.

oh… and what not everything else, you can read everything in my block.

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