Was Hitler a narcissist?

A psychological profile has already been established in the 30s of the last century by a Canadian researcher on Hitler.A number of predictions have also been made In that report on Hitler. All these predictions on one after, have come out and also verified as such and the only prediction that could not be verified is plausible that it is true. That includes the prediction that Hitler would commit suicide, even that prediction has come out. The predictions are also so specific that this puts the research force in place.

The side note that can be made with that report is that the DSM did not exist at the time, the first version dates from 1952, so after Hitler’s death.A number of changes have been made in the handbook in the more than 60 years. The report on Hitler also underlies a number of theories that have long since been outdated.

Nevertheless, it remains a powerful report and the present main current within psychiatry agrees that Hitler suffered from a complex form of antisocial personality disorder.The majority therefore agrees that Hitler suffered from antisocial personality disorder.

The reason to assume that is Hitler’s unfortunate childhood, he is physically abused by his father and emotionally abused by his mother and hereditary predisposition, within the family there were more with signs of antisocial personality disorder and also the Disease schizophrenia and of course he exhibits within historical research very many of the symptoms of the disease, including his substance abuse.

However, the question is how complex its antisocial personality disorder has been.Not everyone agrees. At a higher scale there is comorbidity with often other personality disorders within the same cluster. Antisocial personality disorder is in cluster B of personality disorders. To cluster B include: Antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

There has also been research on psychopathy and in the 1970s there has been a lot of research on subtypes of personality disorders.Hitler was then initially classified as Messianic subtype, which subtype was later entered into reputation defending subtype. That subtype has very many narcissistic characteristics. The side note that can be stated is that millon subtypes are not used in both the DSM5 and ICD10.

What is more agreed is that heavy forms of antisocial personality disorder often exhibit comorbidity with:

  • Various anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • means use disorder
  • Somatoform
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Histrionic personality disorder
  • Narcissistic personality disorder

Given the checklist and its behavior (grandiose expectations, fixated on power, sees itself as superior, exploits others, has unrealistic expectations, shows no remorse, is intensely jealous and arrogant), the difficulty lies in it or this Sufficient rigid has been that he also qualifies that it can be checked, especially there the opinions are divided.Also considering his environment, which he grew up in, given the heaviness of his primary disorder, it is plausible to show that he also exhibits comorbidity with narcissistic personality disorder in addition to antisocial personality disorder and then it is Answer your question presumably yes.

You can put any statesman as a narcissist, most of them are vanites, but that’s too easy.Trump is a true narcissist. His only project is himself. He is greater than he is, is lying loose and does not make any progress.

But Hitler was a great statesman, which you can also find of his vision.He has the enthusiasm of an artist. He had his main education during the First World War. He is not a LAF and therefore looks more like Caine than Trump.

He has clear visions:

Revenge on the French who have wrongly won the war.The humiliation of capitulation must be nullified. The capitulation of the French is probably its greatest success.

Uniting all Germans in one state and conquering living space in the east.

Destroying inferior types of life, such as psychic, Jews and Gypsy.

On his way to power he is also really a great statesman.Once in power he is ruthless and bold. He does not take the rearmament by how much speed he does. The intake of the Rhineland, etc.

People admire him.If we met him face to face in 1930 or 1933, we might have also come under his spell. His appearance is business, he rather dresses grey and gray, as an ordinary soldier than with the showy show-sigh of G枚ring, or in the Netherlands HRH Prince Bernhard. Both of them are much more narcistischer than Hitler.

Only later, around the raid in Russia, he overplays his hand.Then you see a second Hitler. Now not with his admirer Hess next to himself, but with the selfish Roman agent Bormann as his closest helper. During this time, his body doctor also gets more power. He helps Hitler to a methadone addiction.

What do you do when you play on the chessboard of life and you find yourself lost?

Hitler is playing through to the bitter end.


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