To what extent can Europe, against the background of child marriage, honour killings and polygamous marriages, demand respect from immigrants for the law, or against the implement them?

I am in favour of calling for compliance with the laws in Germany not only in the event of massive violations of human rights, but also for immigrants to be given preventive information on how to deal with their wives in Germany, because otherwise they will be punished by a criminal offence. to do.


This includes making it clear to them that corporal punishment and rape in marriage is a criminal offence in Germany.In addition, women should be encouraged to seek conversations with their gynaecologist, whereby the men and sons/uncles, fathers, do not have the right to accompany the woman. A woman who wants to avoid marriage should get support if she suggests that her husband wants to sway her even after her fifth child. Women should be offered German courses because they are often locked up for years with large numbers of children in their homes and in-laws.

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Their men are rapidly integrated as labour era, and women continue to live as property of their men in Germany without knowing their rights.They can just enough German to go shopping for the family and are otherwise trained to educate their female children in the traditional subordination to the man.

Since I am more insulted on the subject than to get reasonable answers, I would like to quote myself with an English title about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who, because of her attempts to break out of the narrow framework offered to her, death threats.She was genitally mutilated as a child because the now Muslim countries in Africa adopt these prehistoric practices to curb female sexuality as part of their religion. She made a film about the subjugation of Muslim women and her film partner was murdered before her eyes. The knife that killed him was attached to a note with a death threat for her.

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I have experienced a great deal of the suffering that refugee women experience through their husbands in Germany.None of this is in the newspapers. It is not important enough if the votes for the Groko and the economy come in abundantly. Women are always worse off than their men, almost everywhere in the world, but with the migrants pouring in, it is systemic.

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Quora German is unfortunately overstaffed by haughty men.I don’t like to be treated as condescending and insulting. That’s why I go back to Quora English, where there are at least some male feminists who don’t need to insult women in the first place. ( belittling)

From one of my comments to colleagues who write here:

“As a German teacher for migrants, I spoke to the women who experienced that the father of their ten children was mostly with another woman with children of his.This happens even without a Muslim background, but with this it is still more self-evident. The women from friendly Kurdish families have also asked me how they can prevent without their husband noticing. I said the easiest way would be for the man to join in and use condoms. Otherwise the pill or IUD etc. She was not allowed to go to the gynaecologist, without the husband or eldest son was the answer. Whether I could give her the pill.

Again I rented an apartment, there were already young people from Iran in it.A man asks me if his cousin could move in with 4 children. Is the father of the children still in Afghanistan ? Entered silence. Later it turns out that the “cousin” lives with a family in the village outside, but is at the same time the father of the children of the cousin. What is still normal in family structures is sweeping back into Europe as a multicultural and weakening the position of women. Equality officers were once important new political positions in Germany and are now receiving less funding, because we have more “more important” through the integration of migrants? Things to do. I have many personal examples that feel different from statistics. I’m looking for statistics on latest female genital. Fgm mutilation -circumcision =mutilation out … this and other culture “special features” are slowly becoming a thing to reckon with. but. no. Man not. Which is why you’re not going to get upset about polygamy.”

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