To people who were born before 1980, what horrifies you about the young people today?

To people who were born before 1980, what horrifies you about the young people today?

How incredibly polite, educated and seriously respectful they are!

When I was young, in the seventies, respect was a matter of fear, because our parents beat us up…

Nowadays, young people choose to be respectful of all age groups.I don’t understand it!

When I was a teenager, respect was measured by how horrible you can be as a person!

Being as mean as possible to teachers without getting a penalty was our sport!

Damage to property was a notch in the belt.

Breaking the law was a test of courage.

And why the hell is intelligence suddenly something good?


With us, good grades were a sign of weakness!!

I put myself stupid to fit in.

And what about the sluts?

All we wanted were bounts and….Well, I didn’t know what else I wanted, but I knew I had to tell my friends if something happened!

Not that ever happened to me and a girl, but we talked about getting girls every day because that’S THE VERDAMMT NOCH MAL COOL WAR!

My sons constantly bring very nice girls home and treat them respectfully….What the hell??

And these kids like to hang out with adults!For us, our parents were just people to ignore and bypass. How can you go out without sneaking around?

And, apropros go out, what’s going on with this moderation?

Shooting down and hiding beer in the locker was the coolest thing you could do in my time!

Most teenagers I met might have had a bit of grass and a few beers, but how many of them can say they drank 18 shots of vodka in 29 minutes?Haha, soft eggs. God, we were probably drunk every night.

At the time it was still allowed to consume alcohol from the age of 18, and I was in bars at 15, although I certainly looked like 12.

When I studied I weighed 50kg, and my liver was so on the ass that I could easily keep up with the guys who weighed 100kg.That was cool.

And the jokes??

Where are all the spast, East Frisian and slut jokes going?

And what is going on with those of these youths who treat everyone equally??

You can’t be rude and fun anymore.

Not that I knew what homosexuality was or why East Frisians should be stupid, but I certainly knew how to tell mean jokes!

The young people today are too damn nice, smart, polite and ready to work and fight for something!I’M NOT RAFFIng IT!


Quiet away… Re-boot……


And I was from a good, stable background with good parents who didn’t want anything from me.

The things I did as a teenager are reprehensible.

I’m not proud of it….Mainly.

(I have to admit, some stories of our stupidity are quite funny… but also just because no one was hurt and it showed me how idiotic I was… which ultimately made me a better father.)

Seriously, I am very impressed by many young peopletoday.

I know there are a lot of injured and bad people out there, but I’ve met several teenagers who give me hope.

My children and their friends are almost all good and caring people.

Don’t get me wrong.They are still extremely annoying, but have emotions and compassion and worry about our planet, their home.

One of the proudest moments of my life was when my stepson said that if he ever found out that anyone had raped one of his freudians, he would kill the person.

I can’t wait for today’s youth to replace the jobs and policies of the old, self-absorbed assholes who are running for high positions and, as CEOs, advocate the destruction of our planet.

Yes, sometimes I still see young people who are worried about me, but OMG I am so happy that today’s young people want to learn.

Thanks to the Internet, everyone can learn what they want!

And these children are masters at understanding something.

Knowledge has been democratized — it no longer dusts in old university books or expensive works.

Most of these kids WANT to go to school (even if they are sometimes bored and they hate it) and they want to learn and get good grades and study!

And they’re not all vicious madmen.

The insight these young people have for “swoons, sluts and negroes,” and the other common names we have called humans, touches me deeply, and makes me ashamed for earlier.

I’ve learned.

I’ve grown.

And now… I know better.

I told my children about (some) of the things that used to make me a bad person.

I told them I wasn’t perfect.

I told them not to be friends with idiots.

My 6 children — born from the early nineties to the 2000s — and their friends are damn great again!

In teenagers nowadays… I see hope for the future.

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