Thought experiment: Suppose that man would be immortal, then religion would still have arisen?

Ironically, that is essentially how the world began according to classical-Christian theology.A world without a break between God and man and immortality. Religion is, incidentally, a human product in my opinion. God Háát religion, and in particular religious Christianity. Because whoever is closest to the fire is not only the most heated, but also the fastest burnt! In the best case, religion is a necessary evil which we should not take too seriously. It often becomes pretension and mental masturbation.

Anyway, apart from that… Eternal life.Then even more people will seek meaning for their existence, their origins and the future. Unless you are eternally mean that they are timeless, without beginning or end. But I keep it on forever with a starting point. Fear of death is a universal experience and our desire to give it a place. When immortality exists, there is no reason for that.

Even if we assume that being immortal means that you are insensitive and cannot be murdered, there may be a need for some ethics.A society of Immortals could still need common values. Religious and spiritual experiences can play a role in this, especially in the first millenia of the Immortals. In addition, we also sometimes see that modern man sometimes finds herself to turn to religion.

I therefore believe that religion does not stand or fall with mortality, although it will undoubtedly develop in a different way.


I became depressed when I became an atheist, so death became the end point.Should I try to restore my faith and how can I believe again in God and a heaven?

Depends on your definition of ‘ religion ‘. In the most comprehensive sense as of ‘ worship of a god ‘ I say ‘ yes ‘.

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were immortably created.Death came only through the fall of sin. At that time there was already a relationship of authority between God and them, so that would be best to call religion.

In a sense, man is immortal, only the choice you make here determines where you will be your immortal life.Your soul is the part of your human being is eternal. Your soul, actually, is that whoever you are in your body, as your body dies, will continue to exist with feeling as you know it now, pain, sadness, joy and happiness. The Bible, 1 of the most translated and printed books of this world, says that whoever believes in Jesus will live even though he has died. The Bible talks about life and death. Of an immortal soul. Whoever has not believed in Jesus will be immortal dead. Your soul will continue to exist, but will not know cheerfulness, joy, or happiness. This is why you can make a choice for Jesus as long as your body still lives. If your body dies then Bibles are given the time of choice make over. It is therefore impossible for me to answer your question. One question still remains, and that is, believing in Jesus is a religion. But for that I should first know your definition of religion. For me, faith in Jesus is more of a relationship than a religion. Hopefully you can do something with it, at least you have something to think about.

I think not.I think religion arises from despair to get answers to the question of what happened to someone when he dies.

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