The sailor Pop-up store: clearly brilliant marketing, but will it change the buying habits of consumers? What does sailor have to this marketing stunt?


Sailor plays it ready to make yourself proud of the “US Ben Zunig” mentality.

They have already had success with the boxer shorts and the wedding dress.These products also took the national media. Sailor has been successful and the Sneakers are expected to do the same. I mean.. 12.99. I’m not sneakers enough to want to have the 200 Euro version, but indeed it’s brilliant. I secretly hope someone takes them to the meetup June 22nd:-D.

If I’m a little longer at rest, Primark For example is super successful with their mass fashion at bottom prices.Zeeman simply pairs a good campaign!

Is it going to be behavioural changing?If they succeed, they have reached the holy grail of marketing/branding. But it’s a good conversational point and for a day or two, the Netherlands might think a second longer about a purchase.

Pop-up stores are interesting enough as a marketing tool.The shop can be used to check whether there is a need for the products sold there. A high amount of the stripe is important enough to take this risk. Before a pop-up store is opened, a company has of course already done wave homework.

The Stadtechnisch seen becomes thus additionally the vacant state in each case temporally and possible permanently diminished.

It may not change the buying habit until reason is found enough to open a permanent store and this happens.

There you could write a book about it-but here some short observations,
First about the second part of the question and then about the first:

What does Zeeman have to do?

  • It extends the circle of people who are considering a visit to seaman most likely, with a selection from a wide audience that does a shopping trip in Amsterdam or Antwerp
  • It delivers extra fame, “rumour Around the brand” (like: we write about it…!).

“Top of Mind” prominence in a category correlates strongly with consideration and buying preference, and if other factors are alike, Top of mind awareness is a good indicator of the possible market share in that category.

  • It is set up in a way that supports the formula thought (or with a more expensive word: Brand values) of sailor
  • It is set up in a way that also makes the webshop and web activities of Zeeman more relevant
  • It makes its own employees more proud
  • It makes sailor a more interesting partner for suppliers of products and services
  • Compared to many other possible actions, it is a short action which oversee the costs and a good ex post evaluation is also simpler, and it is even possible that the cost of the action for a very large part, or even completely, well made By the proceeds of the additional sales
  • Will it change the buying habits of “consumers”?

    • “The consumer” no longer exists, if it ever existed.
      The action is a success if it gets noticeably more potential buyers to the stores and the Webshop, and the customer value of it outweighs the net cost of the action.
    • But.

    A major change in general buying behaviour in broad categories of consumers based on this one action, however successful, is not to be expected. But that was also not the purpose of this action. Nice hey those cheap sneakers!!

    Sailor will do this (probably) from image perspective.”Image comes on foot and goes on horseback” is said and that’s right. They started a few years ago with this kind of gimmicks, if I can remember well with a boxer shorts a hip fashion show where it was not clear that they were the sender. More recently, they also had a wedding dress and socks. And now this action. By consistently keeping this policy full, a larger group of people will be able to see seaman as a hip basic brand rather than an droll shop with inexpensive clothing. That will allow in the longer term a group of people move their shops once to visit. And they have to be convinced to buy clothes. That is the long-term effect.

    Short term effect: a lot of free PR, Sailor comes to a large group of people (current buyers) again equally top-of-mind and will then think earlier: Let me look online or in the shop if they still have something for me.

    As a result, Zeeman is strengthening its market position and trying to appeal to another target group.Launching a cheap sneaker that is also a good fit for young people has been a risk with happiness on the side. By preserving the sneaker exclusively and producing in a circulation of 500 pieces, they have the risk of being able to limit both in financial interest and consumer-oriented importance and the demand for response brought out with minimal Damage in the event of a subsequent flop. The aim of the pop up store is to be able to operate more flexibly in the market and to slowly make the hanging image of cheap and old-fashioned sailor disappear from the consumer. Finally, Zeeman is also forced to prevent bankruptcy from going along in market developments. In the end, I think that if they can deliver good products and continue to guarantee quality at an affordable price that adds this marketing stunt value to future development.

    ‘, ‘ I think it’s very good marketing. It’s not so much the goal to change consumer buying habits I think, it’s more about a bit of image building.I’ve been accustomed to the idea that you didn’t want to be spotted by your friends at Zeeman. If you just came out there with your mother walking out with such a blue yellow plastic bag while your classmates walked along, you went through the ground. It always had the image of two times washing and then you can throw it away quality, but I have to admit that nowadays I’m quite regular at Sailor to walk in. And the quality of the clothing is better than that of for example the HEMA. They used to have a reasonable quality, but the gaps are already in use nowadays if you do not put it gently enough on the counter. I think that an action like this will increase the image of sailor.

    “,” Because the shoes are expensive or one of them, as cheap as Airmax by Nike, you actually create a kind of oxymoron, which wants to appeal to expensive brands with what they (sailor) call cheap, 芒 ‘ 卢 200.And also make a comparison with a basic for 7 euros or so. That way your target groups are from two sides, the people with the ‘ skere ‘ vision, and people who believe in this marketing.

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