The Netherlands appears to be full of satisfied people. Do you feel satisfied? What would you still want to improve in your life?

If my child is happy, I am too.I am delighted that he has been given appropriate education where he is very much in his way. I can get around, though with ups and downs, but I’m just fine. Plus he sits on football and art painting workshops. Museums etc. We do it regularly as well. In principle, he is not short of anything.

Some things would improve the quality of my life, such as permanent employment and do not search for 2 years of other work because it is going to be an indefinite time.Affordable home, because mine was rented at the time on the basis of two incomes and not one. Occasionally on holiday, some lose weight. Follow another study. Another language maybe.

I do not agree with Johan Nijhof that the Netherlands is full of cancer.You’ll hear a lot of cancer-killers, but the people who are actually quite satisfied, you never hear. The Cancerers (What a Kutword, Johan) is a vocal minority.

If you think there are many in the Netherlands that can’t get around, I’m quite sure what you mean, but I recommend you to take a look over the border too.I happen to know of an unmarried mother in the USA (because her husband, and her child’s father, also had a different wife, and is now sitting in the bin because of drug crime and cannot pay alimony), and then by her boss Was fired she had about one level of assistance less to income than an assistance mother here, namely zero comma zero dollars per month. She has also been homeless.
Well you again.

We will not be talking about the election results.But right? I would say, let each of those mchiefs (that’s another better word) but once a month or so in the same situation in the UK, or the USA sitting; Then we talk further.

So, I’m grumbled.;)

I’m actually quite satisfied myself.I think I have been very affected. I have a job (software developer) for which I walk every Monday morning whistling in my car, and which also pays pretty decent. I do to which I am addicted, and I get paid for it too. I should be ashamed… But I don’t.
I passed the sixty, but I still notice that I learn as ‘ play ‘ experience.I am still working on picking up new skills in my field, and I find it unheard of what I like about it!

I’ve hit it fine with my wife and she says the same thing about me.Of course it could have been better, but the good news is that she is still alive. That is no longer something that we take for granted.

We have two children who have dried up just fine, and four grandchildren who love us, and who are also doing well.

We are proud that, through various measures, we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint by about two thirds, without having the feeling that we have had to give a lot of pleasure to life.

I myself am secretly quite proud that I can help the people to whom I give well… I have the feeling that I will leave a little good if I later put the bob.

If I have to think of something that I would like to improve in my life, it is: turning the continental drift back, so that my friends are far away.

I was not satisfied in the Netherlands, which is why I decided a few years ago to leave the country.I didn’t see any possible to bring that satisfaction back into my life and I also didn’t see any way to make it more enjoyable for myself.

I travel around the world now, and I was on business a month ago 2 weeks back in the Netherlands and did not feel at all fine.It confirmed what I saw 4 years ago: the country and I are a mismatch. Perhaps I have travelled so much. When I was 17, I left the Netherlands for a long time to travel around South America, and between that period and my life now, I have been often and much outside the Netherlands.

For me, the grass is really greener elsewhere.

Am reasonably satisfied, although I wanted to be healthier, but for me the glass is half full, not half empty.

After all, my parents are after a large-scale planned genocide that the life of Wilneat 500.000 to 3 million people has cost “for their health” moved to the Netherlands in 1966.

The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965-66

Oh well when are you satisfied?What I envision is a well-paid job with responsibility, eventually perhaps a lead function. Then save for some culture travel and maybe a master study for teaching competence or something, for when I’m above 50.

And beyond?Well, let’s keep it especially realistic, I think this is already demanding enough.

There is a difference between satisfied and those rare moments that you are really super happy.My wife showed me gloat as I walk through a plexitunnel and a shark swims over it, when visiting on a sunny day of the Sagrada Familia (I’m liberal but think it’s a fantastic building) or at a day where we’d be there (a few hours would be suffice An) would visit the Musee d’Osay and eventually be driven outside because of too much beauty to see.

Overall, I am satisfied and happy.That also has to do with the fact that I can enjoy a “regular” beer and also simple fries (chips) with stews I find very tasty. Moreover, I live in Western Europe and I have a nice family. The extras make it totally worthwhile. Improve? Less sick older relatives around us, more time for relaxation… More quality time so.

Don’t believe the fairy tales of the (mostly leftist) media.There are many people who are treated unreasonably by the authorities and therefore remain dissatisfied, hang, lie, sit or stand. Complaining unfortunately has little point: R枚tte C.S. are massively East Indian deaf and listen maybe if you literally make a (right) case of it. Who knows that Thierry can now turn the tide and the bad #alligranten not be pampered even more at the expense of #EigenVolk

I am satisfied with my life.

Although I would like to lose some pounds and, together with my wife, would like to get a child.

Frankly, No… I don’t feel ‘ satisfied ‘.That is not in my nature. And it has nothing to do with ‘ the Netherlands ‘, but with my own character.

I will not call myself a perfectionist, because in my opinion perfectionism is only an excuse for procrastination.But when I do something, I always know that it can do even better. And I’ll do better next time.

‘ Satisfied ‘ is good for people who want to have a cocky, routine life.Does not fit my character. I like dynamism and change.

Other question.If I am not satisfied, am I happy?

I may be ‘ dissatisfied ‘, I am intensely happy.Because I know that life will give me new, exciting challenges every time. Because I get up again every day with the knowledge that I can solve new problems for myself or for my clients…

At least one time has been mentioned that the Netherlands would sit for complaining people.I have travelled quite a bit through Europe… And complainants can be found everywhere. I have never felt that Dutch people complain more than others. Only on other things.

In the Netherlands you can easily complain about the weather, in the south of France it becomes a bit trickier… But there are always people everywhere who have to complain.And the funny thing is that in every country people say (to the DUTCH translated): we Brits/French/Poland/Czechs/Germans/Russians/Romanians/Belgians/Spaniards/Croats are known to complain that we are complaining a lot, but. ..

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