The majority of Germans are dissatisfied with democracy. What is the reason for this? And what can be done about it?

The majority of Germans are dissatisfied with democracy.What is the reason for this? And what can be done about it?

As I understand the matter, the main reason for the dissatisfaction is, among other things, the so-called Representative Democracy – Wikipedia

Thanks to representative democracy, political leaders are accustomed to the electorate, the citizens and their needs and concerns, orproblems only and exclusively during the so-called election campaign period. Perceiving on the margins, only perceiving it in a sketchy way. The German Michel – Wikipedia is reduced to one function: to make the cross on the ballot paper at a specific location.

After the election, the German Michel – Wikipedia can then be amazed: many statements of the politicians turn out to be only an election promise.

In the first weeks after the election, the politicians idR are busy building a so-called majority-capable government.Majority should not mean that politics should be made for the majority. The majority, that are the so-called “little people”, the German Michel – Wikipedia just.If the formation of the government is done, idR is first decided to increase the diets of politicians.

Then it would finally be time to address the election promises – as promised – right?What happens in the meantime with the satisfaction or the dissatisfaction of the German Michel – Wikipedia ?

Now, however, there are ad hoc problems in between, which urgently need to be resolved.Once that’s done, idR realizes that there’s no money left to fulfill these “old” election promises. Or the lobby concerned has now intervened massively and pulverized the election promises. (What “lobby” does the voter have?) Or somewhere a war breaks out or the politically responsible “election promise” gets a sniff. Or it turns out that the better off would be worse off by implementing the election promise. That must not be allowed to happen. The “performers” must not be worse off today than they were yesterday.

And the election promises?
Who thinks about the redemption, the implementation of the election promises?

Only dissatisfaction grows and thrives.
Because of the dissatisfaction of the citizens in the Federal Republic of Germany, that is what the leaders in the Federal Republic of Germany take care of with sacrifice.

Who cares about satisfaction?

Unfortunately, the German Michel – Wikipedia is a forgetful Michel.
The (political) leaders also know this.

If there were more “Direct Democracy – Wikipedia” it would probably look different.

Would the German Michel – Wikipedia then also become a good and political Michel in Direct Democracy – Wikipedia?

No idea.

As long as it is important which hairstyle or glasses the person responsible wears, instead of looking at whom the person in person is making policy for, respectively.for whom not …

… NOTHING will change as long as:

The majority of Germans are dissatisfied with democracy.

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