The Beatles have inspired and influenced many musicians. But who actually inspired and influenced the Beatles?

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Paul McCartney was more or less the creative head during the band’s successful years 1964-66.At the time (around 1964–65) the other Beatles moved back to the countryside in Surrey, while Paul immersed himself in the countercultureand beatnikscene of London.

There he met the booksellers/artists/musicians Barry Miles,[1 Peter Asher,[2 and John Dunbar[3.They founded MAD Limited (following the example of Miles’ former bookstore Better Books)[4. MAD, on the other hand, was the vehicle for the famous bookstore orthe Indica Books and Gallery art gallery. [5 Paul was often a guest there and absorbed many ideas and influences.

Among other things, he met the American poet Alan Ginsberg. [6 Ginsberg was one of the most dazzling figures of the Beatmovement in poetry. [7 About Ginsberg, he met Timothy Leary[8), the famous psychologist and advocate of the widespread use of LSD.

One notices the dramatic momentum in the direction of Beatles music from 1965: one of the last records before this time was Beatles For Sale,[9 where they already seem a bit sloppy, tired and frustrated; the first at the beginning of this time was Beatles For Sale Rubber Soul,[10 where the Beatles first worked with psychedelic ideas and concepts — some of the songs were directly influenced or inspired by Ginsberg and Leary, as in Nowhere Man or Girl or (on the next record Revolver) the completely groundbreaking song Tomorrow Never Knows[11 and She Said She Said Said. [12

Oh, and Paul’s girlfriend at the time was Jane Asher, sister of Peter Asher, the co-founder of Indica.

So the three people who played a major role in the development of the Beatles were the three of Indica Gallery.Thanks to Mr Miles, Mr Asher and Mr Dunbar, the Beatles have evolved and had their highlights with Sgt.Pepper’s and the White Album.Everything else in the history of the Beatles is somehow directly or indirectly related to Indica.


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