The American culture is becoming more and more populous nowadays, but what can they better keep in America and not show/introduce in the Netherlands?

Their Fooien culture, which is a shabby approach to ministry that say.Just give me the better restaurants in Western Europe, where the Ministry is working from craftsmanship and not to the highest possible tip.

And what a objectionable attitude of employers to give your staff so little basic salary, that they have to have what your customers are giving them.

Prudery, almost medieval religious beliefs, exaggerated form of state nationalism, neoliberalism, fast food, disposable culture, strikethrough individualism, backward judicial system with jury case law.

America is so great that you can’t speak of a unified culture I think, but something I personally find quite idiotic about American culture is how there is a lot of Americans against owning weapons.Luckily there are also a lot of Americans against it, but the fact that you can still buy weapons says a lot.

Of society.
In the USA you can, partly because of the no-cure, no-pay system for anything and everything to be dragged to court and be driven at high legal costs.This provides completely broken-down people and companies with all the additional personal consequences.
Juridization also ensures that all decisions taken by a citizens ‘ elected representatives can be reversed by action groups, through the courts.

In short: Juridization is the axe at the root of our society, in which the connection is sought between people.

Store red wine in the refrigerator.

Their strong demarcation of groups at many schools.That which you see in the (High school) movies, that you have a group 芒 鈧?虄jocks芒 鈧劉, cheerleaders, nerds, dorks, geeks and that kind of groupings is really so. Maybe not as exaggerated as in the movies, but it’s there though.

To move from one group to another is not easy.Unless you have money. If you have money there you often only get respect from many others. You can also behave arrogantly and disadvantage others with your remarks. This can sometimes go very far.

I also think that this is a possible contribution to a response to the question of the cause that there are so many school shootings.

They are very good at symptom control, because there is often a lot to earn, but finding and removing the cause is far too little.

The overly political correctness and the agenda associated with it.

The preutness.They also think of sex with every piece of skin they see. Individualism.

, “The Devil’s Advocate.Waiter staff in the US is seen more as freelancers. A restaurant offers access to tables. Those who work the hardest, get the best tables to work. For example-at the window in summer. This has the advantage that the waiter has an incentive to provide good service. It is a culture where the hardest working people can earn more. People who are less motivated deserve less. Skill-based payment is also shown in the medical system in the US. A surgeon with a high success rate in operations has a better salary than a mediocre. In the Netherlands I constantly hear about wanting to introduce market forces in things like health care-but then everything remains socialist. A brain surgeon hospitalized here with a success rate of 90% on brain tumors deserves exactly the same as a brain surgeon with a conversion rate of 70%, as long as they have worked the same number of years. By decoupling skills and talent from paying, the Dutch have deliberately opted for mediocrity but an even earning scheme for employees. I hear that it must be the ‘ personal ‘ motivation of the professional who drives excellence-but you are then left to guess who is good-and who is mediocre. People are not robots. A 30-year-old should be able to stand up as CEO if they are the most talented. You shouldn’t be able to get an apartment in the best place in the timber ports for social prices that are less than what their neighbors pay in erfpact. By removing incentives from the system, Dutch social programmes continue to grow astronomically and unrestrained. This raises the taxes to where now motivated employees who deserve good should work from 9.00 hours to 9.35 hours for someone lese -and get only the last 25 minutes of value for themselves. You literally work more for lazy than for yourself. Amsterdam now offers 40% of the social housing industry. Think about it. That says that 40% of adults in working age are unable to provide sufficient value to live. 40%. Almost 1/2. I know the Dutch with social apartments they rent out-while they live with a partner where they don’t register and get a garden house for just a penny. Because you don’t have a job, it’s easy to spend all your time searching for programs. Something that the Netherlands could take with US is proud and celebrates the performance of others. Something that the US can do from the Netherlands does not treat personnel such as contract workers.

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