Suppose you have to choose, emigrate to Canada or the United States. What is your choice and why?

I have visited almost all the states of the US and also all the provinces of Canada.If I have to choose then I choose Canada. Not a big city but just out there. I find the Canadians more nicer than the US-ers. In general, the people in the US are very superficial. The Canadians are that less. I also find that Canada is a bit cleaner for nature. Also the Canadians are not so busy with money. In the US, you are generally a good person if you have a lot of money. That is a bit against me. Also, the police are not a certain friendly people in the US. You are more likely to be killed by the police than by a terrorist attack. This abuse of power is also noticed by e.g. border control in the US. Still have some negative points for the US but that might come next time. Choice is Canada.

The motto implies US: “that the (so-called) best victory, but the less good ones can die…” emigrating from Europe to an English-speaking country?Canada, Australia, New Zealand but not the US… Unless you are a billionaire, of course.

I have family in Canada that I can shoot well on so I also looked at Canada.My family strongly recommended to go to the US and I did that in the end. It has been by far the best choice.

Canada has very high taxes.Everything is expensive. There are a lot of restrictions. The health care is of poor quality. My grandfather lived an hour from the border and drove every weekend an hour and an hour back to the US to get gasoline and groceries. My uncle lives further north. If they want to go to the hospital then they have to drive about 6 hours because the services are very limited.

What one often overlooked is that there are very big differences between the states in the US. The left-hanging states like CA, NY, NJ, like Canada, have incredibly high life costs.While if you go to the south and middle of the US then the costs are considerably lower. Some states have no income tax. Anything you pay less to tax you have less to tormentors who make your life sour, so that goes double.

The cost of health care has indeed gone up in connection with Obamacare.The insurance under Obamacare cost about $500 per month and then still with $4000 or more excess. That you had to buy otherwise you got a fine that would cost about the same as the insurance. But now under Trump’s reign, the high fines have been abolished and there are again some cheaper options, some $100-150 per month.

Income tax is also considerably lower.If you earn $100.000 you pay around 5-7% tax (if you are going to live in one of the cheaper states), while in Canada you are around 20%

The best deals are through Christian organizations because they have the exception of a number of regulations and can therefore offer cheaper insurance.The less government rules there are, the cheaper it gets.


Canada, without a doubt.(I’m currently residing in the US). The US has long been no longer the 芒 鈧?艙land of Milk and honey芒 鈧?

My mind says Canada but my feeling the United States.

Canada because things are better regulated and I have more chances of survival.

The United States because I would like to get to know country better.In the Netherlands you will be flooded with everything U.S.A. with films, books, music, television, internet, etc. And it has awakened my curiosity. What I oppose is the way the government deals with people and the big difference between rich and poor and the great influence of religion on everyday life. Of course, that varies by region, but I am now speaking in general. So to spend the rest of my life there, especially now that I am a little older, seems to me no sensible choice. If, however, I could just suddenly become a millionaire, I might consider it. 🙂

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