Stealing: Are there cases where you think stealing is acceptable or that there is a good reason to steal?

Focused, if all other roads are excluded and we starve and there is food somewhere I know and the owner obviously needs a lot less, then I steal it.For myself and for everyone within my reach who needs it so desperately.

But if the owner is just as hungry as me, I hope I won’t steal it from him.

The evil of stealing is clearly less great than letting the evil of starve.The choice is often between two evilis, and we choose the least evil.

All of them now quite well said, but God is at us when we really are in such very difficult situations.

Give a kidney and you are a hero, sell there 15 and you have a conversation with the police.

Stealing is never good or acceptable, especially in our welfare society.No one needs to be hungry, no one should sleep under the bridge. However, you may not expect the social state to stand up for your winter sports holiday or pearl diving in the Maldives. You may not expect the state to donate the latest computer, TV and other devices every year. You cannot expect society to finance your smoke, alcohol or drug addiction.

Any person who is still in close contact with his finances can count on further support and assistance.

I think there is only one reason that theft is acceptable, and that is in a medical emergency.If you or your child are injured and you can only get through a theft to the medical articles. And then, I would leave my phone number willing to arrive later for the cost. Is that still theft?


If you steal a bread from the grocery store to feed a hungry child, then the benefit to that child is v脙 漏 脙 漏 L greater than the disadvantage that that supermarket is experiencing and is therefore absolutely morally acceptable.

Of course it is better that there is food banks and assistance, for both parties, since you will get the same benefit without the disadvantage for that supermarket (and without the disadvantage that the 芒 鈧?虄dief芒 鈧劉 comes into trouble).That is, moreover, an important function of this assistance: avoiding crime.

Stealing is never good.There are situations imaginable, where stealing is a possibility, but it is never the best or only option.

This question is very general, so my answer will also be very general.Before I start, I would first like to give a definition about stealing:

Something that has been removed from another to keep it for itself[1

In principle, stealing is never good.Maybe only in cases where you can save lives that steal is good to talk about. But before you steal it, you should first ask. Because you are going to harm another, you are going to remove something from another.

In addition it must be also proportional.If you are hungry and you steal bread, then in my opinion it is proportional. But if you’re hungry and you steal a car, then it’s not proportional.

This is in short what I find about stealing.Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


[1 free Dictionary

Poverty makes even the braafest father a thief.I don’t find that weird. I find it worse that our colleges are full of nice and enthusiastic young people who are trained to get the money out of the sack, on a large scale, later on government of corporate level.

HMM There has been a time that I have seriously considered or steal makes sense… it was during a phase in my life where I had less than 30 euros per month for groceries + transportation.You live in Ultimate scarcity, you don’t know how to fix everything and that has its toll on your way of thinking. Stress, on the other hand due to a lack of nutrition.

You just want the hustle and bustle of the boiler, that you have some rest from all the pressure you experience 24/7.I mean:

15 Euros for a train ticket to be able to do the job interview or two weeks of shopping?

Ok I’m going to apply but when I’m in the grocery store I’ll take some extras with it? After 6 days of meals consisting of a variation of bouillon cubes, tomato sauce and rice apply everywhere do I earn some rest? Ok I can best fix a croissant right?


When I go to this time I run the least risk on a conductor, so I don’t have to take the ticket when I go to apply.

If I get the fine I can still be on time for the application and I can do some more. We will see back again.

Stealing seems like a way to cut off the bend and free up some space in your head.Only for me it has not worked.. It was too stressful for me. What if I get caught? Should I explain it, admit I’m wrong and a fine will ruin me! Better I share with different people what my situation is and hopefully I’ll find help..

If I or my neighbors are in a life-threatening situation and steal is my only option then enter a rule I have:

Ask Forgiveness not permission and accept the consequences

For me, I cannot find a good reason for stealing in the sense of something to take away from another person.

I found a 13-year-old banknote on the floor of the local library, and delivered it to the librarian.

But when I was living in Denmark, with a progressive income tax of more than 60% of your salary, I understood people who tried to pay as little as possible tax as a job.

Luckily I never ended up in a situation where I saw no other way out than to steal.In Paris as an 18-year-old I had a day no money for the train to my work. I solved this by playing guitar on the street. Therefore, I also have no time for fake beggars who are 8 hours a day to play bad accordion. How is it possible to play an instrument day in and day out and not get better? Otherwise I like to give money to good street musicians

No, stealing is not acceptable, because you are causing damage to another human being.

Many might think of the clich茅 image of the mother who steals to be able to give her hungry child food.To begin with, it should not exist that a mother has no money to buy food.

Whether the situation is the fault of the mother himself or the still failing poverty policy of the Governments, does not matter.In This example, the woman has a reason to steal, but it remains unacceptable.

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