Sometimes I feel like I have too many life responsibilities, and it really gives me a lot of stress. How can I get over this feeling, because when I listen to my instinct, I would walk away (and I can’t because I have children)?

I know that feeling though → You feel overwhelmed:

  • You feel overwhelmed because, you have the feeling that you have to settle so much and have no clue how or where to start
  • You feel overwhelmed because you let your kids watch TeeVee AGAIN, but you don’t know how to properly prepare the food for the evening.
  • You feel overwhelmed because you want to perform better at work
  • You think.

Am I fine enough?

  • You miss your friends.
  • You are missing yourself and who you would like to be, but you are exhausted and it seems like others are doing so much better and that everyone expects so much from you.
  • Let me say this:

    • That you realise that you cannot (simply) walk away because your children have given me that you are conscious of yourself and that your heart is in the right place.
    • Feel overwhelmed by the feeling of stress and too much of responsibilities is normal
    • I even think that the best and most successful people in the world are dealing with this.

    What can we do?


    Write down what your responsibilities are and schedule them

    I think the first thing you can do is to make a list of all the responsibilities you have just write down everything.

    Grab a chair. Sits on it. Grab your pen and paper and write. Kids, housekeeping, work, partner (if you have those) activities of the day. Activities of the week, month, year. Maybe it’s going to be more than you think, maybe less. But it will allow you to get an overview of what really your responsibilities are and which are the priority at this stage of your life. You will be able to plan your days, weeks and even months in a better

    2.Accepting the feeling of uncertainty and giving a place

    The feeling is tricky, but I think it will always be there.

    But if we let this feeling prevail, we will get farther from home. Uncertainty causes that. We are going to postpone, find distractions that do not fit our priorities and move from our goals. Breathing at the moment I feel it has always helped me be a little conscious of that I feel and then continue.

    3. Learning to let go and focus on what you can do right now

    We are getting stressed because we may still be unsure about our priorities.

    We think of the uncertain future. But that’s just like that. Keep you busy with the activity you’re doing at that time. Be present. Are you working on washing off or wash clothes or just plan and you wanders and you feel overwhelmed again? Then keep in your mind that this is what you have currently chosen to do and that that is the right decision. Because that’s it. A good decision.

    Remember this too.

    You have overcome countless challenges in this life.That means you can handle your current challenges as well.

    Breath.You are safe and you can

    With Twinkle eyes and a wide smile,


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    I may not have children, but I hope that I can make my contribution with the help of my little life experience.

    Everyone knows that terrible feeling.You have ended up in a situation where you do not see a way out. You cannot think more normally, completely swallowed up by your own sense of inability. To you there seems to be no situation worse than this apocalypse. That gnawing feeling of impotence, that you would like to run away, no flies, to distant worlds never to be seen again. However, you come to the weighting realization that you have responsibilities in this world, which makes it not a possible solution. This realization makes the perception even more overwhelming. You want to break the sweetest, give up, but you know that it cannot and should be done.

    What to do in such situations?


    It always helps me to make myself aware of the fact that I do not think rationally in such a moment.This awareness of my own biological shortcomings always makes me feel somewhat reassured. I am then reminded by myself that I am in such a moment a product of the hormonal structure of my brain lobe. Sometimes I realize that this is because I have slept far too little, so my thought processes are very disturbed. As a solution, I often decide to keep the approach of the stressful lesson situation to the next day. Other times I realize that I have not seen my friends by crowds for a long time. I know that I have been beaten by this lack of human contact. As a solution, I then speak in a very short time with a friend to relax somewhat and get rid of the enormous stress of working pressure/study pressure.


    Once I have recovered (in part) my spiritual rest, I wonder why I think I am unable to solve my problem.In stressful situations, fear dominates and it is precisely this fear that is in the way of an adequate approach. I try to overcome this fear by criticizing her. “What exactly is it that I can’t?”, “Why shouldn’t I?” are questions I ask myself. This often helps me rationalize the stress and anxiety and reduce it to a fear/stress for something smaller. After I know what I don’t think I can do, I try to convince myself that I can do that. By repeating myself often enough that I can do that, it reduces anxiety and stress and also increases my self-confidence. However, this is not the end of the stress. In addition, I tell myself that even if that fails, which I am afraid I cannot do, that is a problem I have to solve in due course. By making myself busy in advance about a situation that in all likelihood will never become reality, I do not shoot anything. In my childhood home a spell hangs in the living room that applies to this: ‘ A man often suffers most from the suffering he fears. ‘


    However, this has not yet completely overcome the stress and associated anxiety.The final step to achieve the end goal is to keep the goal in sight. While at the same time I keep the goal in mind and tell myself that this goal is worthwhile to fight for, I can overcome the fear. I pierce myself that the goal is more important and greater than my stress. I remember once again that I have to give everything for this purpose. I once again tell myself that I am able to achieve this goal. The courage in this way gives me the ultimate victory over the fear.

    However, that does not mean that I have no fear at all, but that I have sufficient control to tackle the problem.I am then able to work in spite of my fears. That to me is what it means to overcome stress and anxiety.

    “He who is brave is not he who has no fear, but he who overcomes them.”

    Mother Nature has given us responsibilities.

    A lot of life energy costs.

    It is the strength in finding yourself to be able to sustain this.

    Love is one of the greatest powers we possess.

    Coming to the source of love is coming into trance and absorbing the energy of it.

    What helped me was mind-mapping.

    Write on a sheet of paper where you make yourself busy.

    Divide this into columns, which you can do something about (you are partly responsible for that) as children do not listen, do not sleep on time etc. And the things you can’t control.(The earth turns, is again Sunday, etc)..

    The things you can solve, split up into quick adjust and difficult to adjust.

    The easy things, there you can make a tick-off list and stick to the fridge, every time you have done some, tick off and be happy (yes just celebrate and say “I did!”.

    If the list gets smaller, you’ll notice that you get a lot of rest from it.

    The long-term issues break down into what should first, in order to be able to solve the other.Here also a list of make and hang up also. Also, you also use this to tick off. But if you check it out, think quietly about how you can prevent this in the future. Make any notes to avoid this and who or what you can help.

    Slowly and surely it gets tidy in your head and you are going to solve other problems faster too..

    Don’t forget to reward yourself!!

    Good luck!

    I cannot really do this because I have no children, but I do see how some people have to fight again every day to get the little energy they have done.What I would give as a board is to arrange for 1 day or half a day all for yourself (sauna, cinema, massage, beautician, walk in forest or sea) to organize your thoughts and your body can come to rest. Also healthy food (see for example what kind of blood group you have and adjust your diet) and EVERY DAY a minimum of half an hour to walk or walking (savonds after all the stress) also during the day breathing exercises (helps tremendously and can be found on the Internet), Before bedtime a glass of red wine, but certainly not a lot of alcohol because that gives your liver a lot of work which will make you tired. Drink plenty of water and try to ventilate good friends about what things you stress, hurt, irritate,… Also have a look at what things you are doing every day, are there matters that a lot of energy V you take that are actually redundant? It is said, the more possessions you have the more worries, make your life MSS what Simpelder? I can still mention many things like what work you do, you are perfectionist, how is your relationship with partner/friends/children… The main is I think make time for yourself, your own body and mind. Hopefully you have some to bye

    Every person has his responsibilities.The one has greater responsibilities than the other, but how much you have there I wouldn’t know. The question is not specifically focused on the responsibilities, so I can also be difficult to answer, so I will try it globally.

    I would look at what effect your responsibilities have when you performed them.When people take their responsibilities, the world is running more efficiently. If you weigh the effect against the responsibility, where the effect is small, but the stress high…..

    Then it is the art to let go of it or leave it to someone else.I think many people find it difficult to unleash certain things. This is also what you see for fear of flying. They do not control the plane, which causes fear while you are in the hands of the pilot.

    Conclusion: will releasing have negative effect, then take your responsibilities how tricky it is too. Is the effect slightly negative?Then try to release it.

    Take good care of your children, which is primarily for you.So take good care of that, because your little ones have a big share in our human future. The rest will come, a boyfriend, Buddy or lover, who knows.

    That is what you mean by running away.. Forever?For even?? “Sometimes you can walk away when all life responsibilities become too much..

    Even away

    Walk away in the head?

    Something completely different?

    How can you realize it for your self?

    It looks like your instinct says: I want to break something and feel lighter

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