Should you have your child braised?

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Baptism in the early Christian sense – in the sense of Jesus as well as in terms of ceremony – has been lost in the churches ofChristianity.

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Translation basis of the biblical quotations: New World Translation



Statements according to the Bible


1.Petr.3/21 (NW)……. What corresponds to it now also saves you, namely [baptism (not the laying down of the uncleanness of the flesh, but the request to God for a good conscience) through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

An infant cannot make a request to God.The sponsorship of an infant baptism results from the ecclesiastical tradition, but not from the Bible

Preparation :

Mat.28/18-20 (NW)……….

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given to me.19 Go therefore, and make disciples of men of all nations, bless them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaches them to keep all that I have commanded you

Order (at Jeh.ova’s witness) :

Bible Study > Faith > Repentance > Life change corr.> Meeting (if possible) > Desire to become a Christian > Baptism with immersion

Symbol :

symbol of devotion to God; in prayer before, one has surrendered unconditionally to the true God, and vowed to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.Thus, only persons who have made a vow of devotion are baptized. Baptism is a serious matter.

Operation :

complete immersion (cf.John 3/23).

An infant cannot bebraised because he cannot speak yet.

Order of baptism order of Christ:

Mat-28/19 (JB)………. Therefore go and make all the nations disciples, and baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

first act: disciples do second act: baptisms

in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

recognizing the authority and sovereignty of the Father

acknowledging the authority and position of the Son

acknowledging the function and effectiveness of the Holy Spirit

what is baptism not :

The “infant baptism” resulted from an erroneous doctrine invented by Augustine, namely that baptism should be a liberation from original sin.The liberation from sin, thus also from original sin, takes place through the ransom of Christ, not through baptism!If Augustine were right, the first Christians would have been false teachers. But since they were not, Augustine is mistaken. The Catholic Church (also Lutherans) naturally welcome this, as they automatically grow members through infant forced baptism, who then become subject to church tax from a certain age.

The baptismal instruction given by Jesus is also not an instruction to be baptized into a Trinitarian God, as various churches teach.If this were true, then 鈥?especially in early Christianity 鈥?those converted by the Jews to Christianity should have been baptized in this sense. But the Bible tells of the convert from Judaism that they are only in the name of Jesus and in the name of the holy

were baptized (Acts 10/48; Acts 8/12; Acts 2/38; Acts 19/5; Roman s. 6/3; Gal.3/27)

since they already recognized the Father, no baptism was necessary in the name of the Father!

For Jesus Christ, baptism was only a symbol of devotion

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Part 1

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Does the Bible contradict itself?

Jehovah’s Witnesses Say NO

Apparent “inconsistencies” do not have to be contradictions

The theologian Kenneth S. Kantzer wrote:

Some time ago, the mother of a dear friend died.First we learned of her death through a trusted mutual friend. He reported that our friend’s mother was standing on a street corner waiting for the bus when she was hit by a passing bus. She suffered life-threatening injuries and died a few minutes later. Soon after, we heard from a grandson of the dead man that she had been thrown out of the car in a collision between two vehicles and was dead on the spot. The boy was quite sure of that.

Later we tried to clarify the matter.We were told that as she waited for the bus, the grandmother was hit by another bus and seriously injured. A motorist then took her to a hospital as soon as possible, but in a hurry collided with another vehicle. The grandmother was thrown out of the car and was dead on the spot.

This shows that two or more reports of the same event can be true, even if they do not appear to match.

Does the Bible contradict itself?

Example 1) like many people, Jesus cast out the demons, which were

Herd possessions seized?

Mat.8/28 Luk.8/27 Luk.8/38 : Mark.5/1.2

Matthew mentions two men.Luke and Markus refer to only one. Matthew was, by his profession, a man of numbers, because he was a tax collector. Luke was a doctor and apparently one case was more remarkable than the other, so that he only mentions this one; this is supported by luke and mark’s account that he was tied up and had broken these shackles several times, as well as the demons calling themselves “legion” and, moreover, that he asked Jesus to remain with him. Markus also reports that he threw stones at himself. This is not reported by the other obsessed. So this case was obviously far more conspicuous. Matthew saw as a computer only the fact that there were two. This also confirms that everyone wrote their own independent report, taking into account the writer’s mentality?

Example 2) How many blind people healed Jesus near Jericho

Mat.20/29 Mark.10/46.47 Luk.18/35-38

Matthew as a tax collector and number man saw two blind people; for Luke as a doctor may have been one of particular interest, so that he reported only one (similar to the expulsion of demons according to Mat.8/28; Luk.8/27; Mark.5/1,2).Mark has noticed even more, he remembered the name of the person concerned; perhaps it was also the one who particularly struck Luke.

The seemingly contradictory statement that Matthew spoke of the “leaving” of Jericho and the other two of “approaching” Jericho has already been clarified archaeologically: there was an Old Jericho and a New Jericho in the time of Jesus.

Example 3) Who carried The Torture Post of Jesus?

Mat.27/31 . Luk.23/26 John 19/16,17

Matthew, Mark, and Luke report the same; it can be seen from Luke’s account that Simon of Cyrene was only a co-bearer and that Jesus was not a sole bearer; it is evident from Matthew that they met this man Simon only on the way out; to the point where they met him, Jesus carried execution tools alone, and this is mentioned by John, who wrote his gospel half a century later.

Example 4) How did Judas Iscariot die?

Mat.27/5 Apg.1/18

Matthew mentions how Judas tried to take his own life, and the Acts of the Apostles describe the outcome.Apparently Judas tied a rope around the branch of a tree, put a noose around his neck and tried to hang himself by jumping from a rocky outcrop. Apparently either the rope broke or the branch of the tree broke, so that it fell on the rocks below and was smashed. A conclusion that is easily conceivable in view of the nature of the site around Jerusalem.

Example 5) How much did David pay for a threshing lamp?

2.Sam.24/24 1.Chron.21/25

Samuel, a contemporary of David, had in mind primarily the purchase of the threshing floor and its immediate use as a sacrificial altar.The writer of the Book of Chronicle (Ezra) lived 600 years later and considered the matter from the end; obviously David bought the place around the threshing floor; it is also said in the book Of Chronicle that David bought the place.

Example 6) Where did Cain take his wife from?

Genesis 4/1,2 . Genesis 5/4

One of these women had taken Cain.This explanation, of course, calls the critics to the fore, saying that this was inbreeding. Inbreeding is dangerous in that negative genetic traits can be rocked. On the Internet it literally says:

Charles II was therefore an urgently desired child when he was born on 6 November 1661.However, he was weak and ill from birth. Due to the centuries of inbreeding between the individual royal houses, there were clear signs of degeneration.

Adam and Eve were created by God with human perfection; that is, they were mentally and physically flawless.The post-conmmenship they would have produced in this state would also have been error-free; in other words, no negative genetic traits would have been passed on in paradise; marriage in a state of human perfection would not have led to any problems. The indirect offspring of Adam were therefore still so close to perfection, despite the imperfection inherited from sin, that the near-kinship of the manwass was not a problem for a long time; this confirms, for example, the long lifespan of Adam’s offspring. Several servants recognized by God entered into a fraternal marriage, such as Abraham, who with his wife Sara did not have the same father but did not have the same mother (Genesis 20/12). It was only in the time of Moses that the imperfection had progressed to the point where God issued an injunction to this (Genesis 18/6-17).

Part 2

Example 7) Who asked for anything from Jesus, the sons of Zebedee, or their mother?

Mat.20/20.21 Mark.10/35-37

Would it be wrong to say, “my lawyer wrote me a letter today”?Certainly not, although usually the secretary does the paperwork. The lawyer, however, is responsible for the letter because he is the author of the letter, the secretary the executive person. The same language was also known to the Bible writers. The Zebedee= sons were the spiritual authors of the request, but their mother pushed them forward so that she could bring this request to Jesus. The confirmation of this declaration is provided by The further report of Mark; the other disciples became unwilling to the two sons of Zebedee, not to the mother (Mark 10/41).

Example 8) Who slew Uriah with the sword?

The prehistory: David saw the wife of the Hittite Urias while bathing; invited her and brought her adultery (2.Sam.11,2-4).Bathseba became pregnant, and David invited the Urias home from the field and tried to get him to let Urias stay in his own house, because David hoped that if Urias were to lie with his wife, the pregnancy could be attributed to Urias. But Urias refused out of his soldier’s thinking. As a result, David told his army commander that he should put Urias at the head of the army so that he could perishes. This plan came to an end, but the prophet Nathan asked David:

2.Sam.12/9 2.Sam.11/17

Literally, Uria died in the battle against the Ammonites; but when David had arranged to place him in an exposed place, he caused the death of this man.He was thus responsible for this and figuratively the murderers.

Example 9) Who pays for the iniquity of the fathers?

2.Moses 34/6,7 Hes.18/20

The statement in Genesis 34/6,7 concerns the newly formed nation of Israel as a whole.She is warned of the consequences that her disobedience would have for the aftermath. Innocents often have to pay for the misdeeds of others lei= den. It can have catastrophic consequences for a people, for example, if the ruler makes wrong decisions. All suffer, for example, from the consequences of Adam’s sin. The scripture Ethesis 18/20 speaks of the Israelites as individuals. Each is judged on the basis of his or her behaviour; no one is counted among the wicked, because his father was lawless.

Example 10) Is the invitation to Abraham to sacrifice his Son at odds with God’s quality of love?

Genesis 22/2 Romans 13/10 Genesis 22/11,12 Hebrews 11/17-19

For Abraham, it was a test of faith; a prophetic image for Christians: it shows what it meant for God to sacrifice His Beloved Son.

Example 11) According to Genesis 2/1,2 God rested after six days of creation, but according to John 5/17 is God active?

Genesis 2/2,3 John 5/17

What was God resting on?From his material creation. Has this day of rest already ended? A number of things need to be clarified

the term “tag” has several meanings


24 hours


the time of daylight to the difference of the night

these two possibilities can be excluded, since Adam

in a few hours it was impossible to cope with the workload that he

God has commanded.


with God, for example, 1000 years (Ps.90/4)


the whole period of creation (Genesis 2/4)

in all six periods of creation, the passage “it was evening and it was morning” appears, after the seventh day not!(with the Jews, the day begins in the evening and lasts until the evening of the following day)

the verb in verse 2 is imperfect, which in the Hebrew language means an unfinished or continuous action or an action in its course.In some translations, therefore, verse 2 is reproduced with “began to rest”.

Paul comes to our aid in determining the length of this day:


(the Greek text does not speak of a “land of rest” but of God’s rest)

Paul thus explains that Christians (i.e. still now) are immersed in the rest of God

and this obviously until the end of the thousand years

(Offb.20/1,2).This translates into a total of 7000 years. Logical=

therefore, the individual “creation days” also last 7000 years.

In addition, these “days” only concern the preparation of the earth for living.The creation of the universe and the earth is in the 1st Bible verse.

However, the rest ingestion of his material creation does not preclude him from acting elsewhere; the word of Jesus is therefore not at odds with his “rest”.For example, he produced another, a spiritual creation (2 Cor.,5/17), and has already taken a number of other steps to carry out his intention to make the earth a paradise.

Example 12) According to Paul, people are justified by faith, and not by works; according to James, people are justified by works, how does this agree?

Roman se.03/27-30 Jak.2/22-24 Jak.2/17 .

What works does Paul speak of in the Epistle to the Romans?Of the works of the Mosaic law! This is from the treatise as a whole or from Rom.3/28,29 it is clear where the works of the law (namely the Mosaic law) are mentioned and Paul then raises the question whether God is only a God of the Jews (for only the Jews God had given the Mosaic law). “Christ is the end of the Mosaic law” (Romans 10/4), Paul writes; therefore works which are offered according to the requirements of this law no longer have any value in God.

What works, on the other hand, does James speak of?From works of faith that result from faith and identify it as alive (Jn 2/14-20). And thus the apparent contradiction is clarified: Paul speaks of the works of the Mosaic law and James of the works of faith.

Example 13) in Dan.7/14 it is said that Jesus Christ will reign forever; and according to 1 Cor.15/24,25 it is said that Jesus’ dominion will end; how does this agree?

1.Cor.15/24 Dan.7/13.14

Christ reigns in more than one sense.One phase of his reign reaches to the elimination of Adamic death, of which is mentioned in the Corinthians= letter. In Rev.20/11-15 there is talk of a judgment at the end of which death is thrown into the lake of fire, that is, destroyed. Verse 6 indicates the period of time, namely 1000 years. In this period, the construction of paradise and the return of obedient people to human perfection, as Adam and Eve possessed, take place. At the end of this phase, Jesus hands over the kingdom to the Father and will surely be assigned other tasks and rule in a different sense.

Paul thus speaks of a special period of his dominion, while Daniel speaks of the total duration of his reign.

Example 14) According to Mat.8/5, an officer approached Jesus and asked him to heal his slave; According to Luk.7/3 the officer sent the elderly men of the Jews to Jesus with his request.So who really spoke to Jesus?

Mat.8/5.6 Luk.7/3 .

Would it be wrong to say, “my lawyer wrote me a letter today”?Certainly not, although usually the secretary does the paperwork. The lawyer, however, is responsible for the letter because he is the author of the letter, the secretary the executive person. The same language was also known to the Bible writers. The petitioner was the officer, and the bearers of the request were the Jewish elders.

Example 15) In Genesis 1/24-26 the Bible shows that the animals were created before men; from Genesis 2/7,19,20 it seems to emerge that man was created before the animals.What is true now?

Genesis 1/24-25 1.Moses 2/19

The apparent contradiction is easy to clarify.These are two reports. The first report is arranged chronologically (order of the 6 days of creation), the second report is arranged thematically. The first account describes the creation of heaven and earth with all that is on the latter. The second report focuses on man, his creation, the fall, and the like. and other information already mentioned in the first report is only related to it.

In the second report it is said that Adam should live in a garden, hence the co-mention of planting; Adam was to name the animals, hence the mention of their creation, even though they existed long before Adam.

Example 16) why does the line age differ considerably from that of Luke, even though they both touch each other with David and christ?

Mat.1/15.16 Luk.-3/23.24

Matthew says unequivocally that Jacob was the father of Joseph and that he was the man of Mary.Mary was the biological mother of Jesus; But Joseph was the foster father of Jesus, for Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1/18; Luk.1/35).

Luke confirms the idea that Jesus was only apparently the father of Jesus, but not really, as the Jews believed.But he was in reality the son (descendant) of Eli, who was the father of Mary.

This is where the profession of the two evangelists comes to light.Matthew, a jurist, pursues the legal line to David (and even further), because in a patriarchal system a legal claim was passed on in the paternal line, even if it was only a foster father.

Luke was a doctor and followed the physical line.Thus, the double proof is given that Jesus has a claim to the throne of David, both in the carnal and the legal line.

Example 17) How many Israelites lost their lives because they had maintained immoral relationships with Moabiteswomen and engaged in the worship of the Baal of Peor?

Genesis 25/9 1.Cor.10/8 4.Moses 25/4,5

There could have been 1,000 heads, so a total of 24,000 could be added to the 23,000 mentioned by Paul.Even if there were only 23,000 who fell victim to the immediate plague, all 24,000 felt the scourge, for each of them died at God’s sentencing.

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