Should you have read the Koran?

It is much more revealing to get an impression of where the Koran is “lived”.

I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 4 years.I don’t need to read the Koran to know how monstrous this religion is.

My experience includes:

Public executions: When, after the Friday lunchtime prayer in the square in front of the largest mosque in Riyadh, thousands of onlookers, of course only men, cheer the heads of several criminals in a folk festival atmosphere, that is bad enough.The fact that some people are dancing in the pools of blood does not necessarily make this human stroke more endearing.

Violence against women: Women, including foreigners, must always wear the black Habaja in public, covering the body from the shoulders to the ankles.The then pregnant wife of one of my colleagues had shown too much ankle in the shopping centre. Two religious policemen patrolling there put several lashes on her “exposed” ankles on the escalator. She fell down the escalator and lost her baby.

A Philipina, who was employed as a maid in a Saudi household, fled from there across the street into our office.It had been passed around among the male house guests as a sex object.

Women are not allowed to leave the house alone without the consent of the oldest male family member present in the household.

In restaurants, women were never allowed to walk alone.Either with her husband in the “family section” or not at all. Single men are not allowed into the family section.

When I drove a colleague’s wife to the city for shopping in the car, we always had to fear getting into a check of the religious police.For that would have been punished as adultery. In a closed room (car), a married woman must not be alone with someone other than her own husband.

Intolerance: The exercise of any faith outside Islam is a criminal offence that is burdened with imprisonment.

During Ramadan, the eating ban also applies to us foreigners.We had to hide for lunch.

One of my colleagues owed it to the zero tolerance for alcohol that he was arrested after an event at the German embassy for his alcohol flag on the street and disappeared for several days in prison.On the other hand, the Saudis already get drink-era on the plane when they leave the country (unless they fly Saudia, because there is no alcohol on board). Friday flights from Riyadh to Bahrain were fully booked for months in advance. From Saudis, who then basked there for 24 hours.

Do I really need to have read the Koran to understand Islam or its followers?I think no. After all, the Saudi Wahabbiten are the guardians of the holy sites of this inhumanreligion, which was arrested in the Middle Ages.

What’s the point of trying to understand a book that old bearded men interpret anyway?

What I understand even less is how one can say of this religion that it belongs to Germany.

Ludwig Wilhelm, margrave of my native Baden, also known as Tēœ‰rkenlouis for his victories against the Ottoman invaders in the 17th century, spared us precisely this “belonging” of Islam.

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