Should you be able to choose, where would you be very talented?

I don’t find myself jealous.

Flattering remarks from my wife, looking at television, about the sixpack of Cristiano Ronaldo For example, do me nothing at all.

When other men check my wife, I feel somewhat uncomfortable, but no, I don’t mention that jealousy.

But that one time,

On holiday.

In Italy,


There was a polite, handsome young man at our table at the breakfast in the hotel.He asked if we were interested in home-cooking.

Home-Cooking: The idea is that you are invited to people at home and that you are cooked for a fee, whole private setting.

I shouted internally NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

But my wife seemed to do it.

That same evening we called,

and opened the same charming, too well-dressed young man.

He had some way from Paolo Maldini, I realize now, this aside.

We were beautiful on time, he said, rushed back to the kitchen and asked us to come in and make it easy for us.

We did.

My wife was at work happy.The staff were very friendly and accommodating.

The boy showed himself a great host,

Offered us great wines.

My wife was apparently charmed by him.

I secretly hoped that the food was incredibly bad.

That was not the case…

My wife kept repeating that she had never eaten such good pasta in her life.

Fun fact: Pasta, together with baking an egg, is just about the only thing that I can make to come in the kitchen.

That remark, and that 41 times that evening, touched me so in my soul.


I was jealous…

Three hours later we were allowed to go home.

If I had been a cooking talent, I was undoubtedly less sensitive that evening and I could have enjoyed more.

The boy really did his best,

And he was a fantastic chef,

Just like I’d like to be…

I would like to be better at dealing with the people around me and to better understand their feelings and emotions.I would also like to understand my own emotions better. In addition, I would like to take life at times less seriously and enjoy the moment more.

Presence in the moment.Enjoy the everyday.

I am fortunate to have received many talents, so I involve your question on something I may not have enough of it; Patience… For that, it lacks a little in my talents…

Periodic hibernation

Oh well, I’m reasonably blessed (and cursed) with my current talents, so I don’t need any new ones.But if I have to choose anyway: the gift of falling into deep sleep if I am in a bull’s mind, that would still have some added value because it occurs regularly.


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