Should women cover themselves when they breastfeed their babies in an airplane?

No of course not.Breastfeeding is not offensive. A baby should eat. This is best if mother and child feel relaxed and comfortable otherwise it is difficult for the body to allow the milk to be shot. In addition, breasts are not sexual organs. It seems, above all, a remnant of the prudish Victorian era that a woman should not show her breasts. Or perhaps it is a sign of the new moralistic views in this country that increasingly sexualize and condemn nudity. Anyway, asking a woman to cover her breasts while breastfeeding is ridiculous and disrespectful to that woman.

The airline will choose commercially the easiest way, I fear, but other cultures may well be the roof.

Why shouldn’t the other person with the other culture take into account the nourishing mother.In What culture can you consider yourself and your feelings more important than a mother feeding her child? Respect and consideration is good, but it has to come from two sides and it cannot be that the more restrictive culture always gets its way.

Let us not forget that Western culture is furthest in the way of developing a secular and humanistic values system, which is not based on religion or the need to set the interests of the men of the group above those of the individual.

The source of the offense that one takes from other cultures to the women’s body and freedom women might have is reprehensible and deserves not to be respected.

Lol Oh rot anyway. People should have a better job than to look after breastfeeding in an airplane.When I look at me I can see bloter than that.

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Women and men even!

Anyone who bothers themselves may not cover themselves or otherwise look at them.

But just back to the question.Hiding goes me too far, but open and expose as well. Bystanders who find some of them, whichever part of that spectrum you choose. Luckily there is a happy medium.

I have publicly fed fairly often and it’s pretty easy to do it subtly, even with a hefty cup size.But I am also not someone who is perky with the temple at ease that baby is going to lay well once. Rather bra loose, shirt which is stooped and only make nipple free when the baby can take a bite, so more than a the will not show. And if you drink well, relax at the bottom of the bag, because that head also pulls a part of the chest out of sight.

And if you still love open and expose feeding, or are unsure about snoopers.Then you can always reserve a seat at the window or at the front/back. And maybe if you love it, you can sit on the seat of the cabin crew behind a curtain.

I think that is very well assessed by KLM.Class

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