Should we feel guilty of the luxury we experience while there are people who barely have enough to eat?

Feeling guilty in itself doesn’t make much sense.It should lead to something positive and constructive.

If you are in a position where you can do something about that poverty, then I think you have the moral duty to do something about it, within your abilities.This is the underlying idea of the Giving What We Can Initiative (see Giving what we can).

If a guilt is a good starter, you can certainly feel guilty, but do not stay in the hook.

The girl reminded me of the girl with the sulfur sticks.Hungry, dirty, uncombed hair, but also a little brutal. She clung at a fast food tent near the pyramids of Giza that we had just visited.

We, that was my husband, I, our daughter and grandson and our Egyptian son-in-law.â € ̃Give her nietsâ €™, says our son-in-law. Wow, our friendly, social, helpful son-in-law!?

â € ̃The child is going to beg by order of her elders â €™ he explains.And he gets really right.

I want to give her the packaged biscuit from my coffee and an unopened can of soda.But she doesn’t want to.

There is heart-wrenching poverty in Cairo.Children suffer hunger and begging. Dogs and Puppyâ €™ s come schooien. But does it help if I have some sandwiches from the Regal Hotel breakfast?

Does it help if I support organizations like 11 11 11, Oxfam or MSF?Yes, but the aid is largely evident in the already fat-paid responsible persons.

With feelings of guilt we will not help anyone, but what I do wholeheartedly is to support small personal initiatives of ordinary individuals who, in the world, are unselfishly picking children from the streets, building schools, drilling wells, medical Caring, food and especially love.

As a flight attendant on Africa flights my daughter is constantly coming to Africa.She and many of her collegaâ €™ s let their hearts speak and bring suitcases full of toys, writing utensils, clothes and sweets to local schools and orphanages. Gosh, and also there is some sticking to the wrong fingers. But those glundering faces make a lot of good!

Finally: we â € ̃rijkeâ €™ Europeans do better to give the hungry no fish, but teach them to catch fish themselves.Mass migration often leads to desillusies. Not to mention our own arms, which must live in human unworthy circumstances and, for example, by lack of resources send their children to school with an empty bread box.

Who cares what IE has, is worth that IE lives.

No you do not worry.As long as you look at those people

The richness of the colonial Christian West is theft with extreme violence.

Poverty is a crime against humanity and is the result of the free plundering of the riches of the Earth by the Ãœbermenschen, masters of slaves.Colonial Europe, the Imperial USA & Partners Suppress and deprive the large majority of the weak, the Untermenschen.

“Free market” is colonialist economy, is the right of the strongest, the free or very cheap acquisition of raw materials and the export of finished products and government subsidised agricultural products.These cheap agricultural products have destroyed the agriculture of small farmers in Africa and the rest of the world. It is particularly difficult for the weak colonized countries to act against these practices and unfair competition by colonial Europe and imperialist us.

Human worthy worldwide minimum wage

The extreme poverty of 4 billion people is a crime against humanity and yet the Ngos, serving the interests of cruel and merciless Ãœbermenschen, continue to perpetuate this crime of slavery by giving crumbs and alms to the slaves.

Why do the Ngos liberate the slaves, not these extreme arms?

“100 euro in the collection box of 11.11.11 yields only 1 euro in the South”

Sarah Davies “How Good is the charity?”

Why do these Ngos with “good intentions” not complain of genocide and crime against humanity in a national or international court against the colonialist European Union and the imperialist us?

Why not strive to set a worldwide monthly minimum wage of 350 euros for 40 hours work/week?
Why not strive that the cruel world-dominated Europe and the US & Partners pay a monthly living wage of 250 euros to the billions of people without work?

This is a pod shell compared to the cost of the cruel and merciless imperialist aggression wars facing the weaker others for exploitation.

Why do they not strive to abolish the veto right of the 5 powers in the world dictatorship of the Security Council of the V. N?

The members of the UN Security Council must be extended from 15 to about 30 members.The world needs a democratic Security Council, one country, one vote. The UN must also move from New York, a country with a genocidair past and present to a country without genocidair colonial past.

Colonial Europe and the imperialist us have privatized the earth and its wealth for its own profit and importance.

The Farmers of colonial Europe now argue because they have to sell their products too cheaply but if the colonialist economy were to be abolished and the colonized rest of the world would have the right and power to dominate the exports of the world Boycotts, about 50% of European farmers and factories would have to close their doors.

They use their military force majeure and their fearsome genocidaire past to take the bread out of the mouth of 4 billion colonized.

Colonial Europe and imperialist US use the rest of the world as an extensive concentration camp where 4 billion extreme poor, slaves, colonized forced labor have to perform for a few crumbs.

The real Untermenschen that they can bombard with weapons of mass destruction and to whom they commit coups with extreme violence.The colonialists and imperialists commit the most violence and terror against the colonised rest of the world. They make the most casualties and the more victims they make, the more they consider themselves heroic with “values”.

Colonial Europe (NATO), the imperialist us are the biggest, cruel, merciless aggressors since centuries and yet they always call the right to self-defense in just because they have the military force majeure.

Self-defense right is a great criminal deception .

The hundreds of countries that have been brutally and merciless attacked by NATO and the US have no right to self-defense because they have no powerful military power.

Only the mighty Ãœbermenschen have “right to self-defense” and even right to conduct preventive aggression wars.

The colonized, Untermenschen have no right to self-defense. “The right to self-defense” is simply the criminal right of the strongest.If the hundreds of colonized, attacked countries were to take their right to self-defense, they would be totally destroyed by the world’s rulers. History is simply a deceitful version, the point of view, the viewpoint of the criminal genocidaire masters of slaves, European colonialists and US imperialists.

The Masters of slaves accuse the slaves of being “terrorists” and adjoined the monopoly on the “permissible” violence and terror.Only the true Ãœbermenschen, the US, Europe, NATO, Israel and their guards may use violence and terror.

As owners of the planet, their “strategic interests” include™ and the “Homeland Security” throughout the planet.

They always have a (good) reason to use violence and terror and kill only “Onpeople”.There is no mention of what weapons of mass destruction they use. Where weapons of mass destruction are involved, there are no journalists and the citizens also have no “smartphone” to film the victims and the destruction.

The colonized (Milosevic, Saddam, Asad, Qaddaffi…) Obviously have no right to strategic interests and to “Homeland Security” (because their countries are the property of colonialists and imperialists).They are not entitled to a reason for the use of force, they are never referred to the possible reason, they only kill innocent civilians and there is an extensive message about their weapons, “barrels of bombs”. Where these bombs fall, there are journalists and everyone has a smartphone to film the victims and the destruction.

The army and the governments of the world’s rulers (US and Europe) are serving the criminal predatory interests of the major Western corporations.

The “free” looting of the Earth’s wealth by colonial Europe and the imperialist US causes a holocaust that is 20 times greater than the Nazi Holocaust.Just the whole populations of the rest of the world are dying to die starvation at the service of a sickful greedy, malignant psychopathic elite.

This cruel and merciless world order where a small minority of true Ãœbermenschen win and the large majority of colonized losses, must be abolished.

Free movement of people

In this place, the colonialist exploiters build the U.S. and Europe walls of shame to keep the poor out of the arms.They only want to break open the boundaries of the world for the free movement of capital and goods for the mighty Western multinationals. If they want free movement of capital and goods, they must also break open all boundaries for free movement of people, if not it is apartheid and discrimination.

The Masters of slaves still need to learn the lesson that power/power must be at the service of the public interest and justice.

The US has since their foundation fought against communism, socialism and against countries that protected their market from the predatory colonial capitalism to give a better life to the weak and to the workers.The US has always had aggression wars against countries that wanted to nationalize the raw materials and resources of their country or who wanted to implement a land reform to give a chance to the population to be able to produce their own vegetables, cereals and food Grow.

The predatory “free market”, colonial capitalism must be transformed in the direction of a cooperative economy so that the 4 billion colonized can have a dignified life, wage, freedom.

As long as there are no worldwide humane working conditions and a minimum wage, the predatory “free market” capitalism remains violence and terror against humanity and human rights of the most vulnerable population in the rest of the world.The first step could be to set a worldwide monthly minimum wage of 350 euros, 40 hours/week per.

Countries must be given the right to live in other economic systems and to have the right to defend themselves against the predatory Western economic sharks.

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