Should the pupils adapt to the school or should the school adapt to the pupils? What methods already exist to facilitate the adaptation of the school to the pupils?

You ask if you need to turn left or turn right while there is another option: straight ahead.

In my opinion, both the school and the pupils must adapt.Somewhere between them in is the right route.

The biggest problem with schools is that many go too strong in a certain direction and therefore fail.Many public schools are very left-oriented, which can often lead to delusions at a later age. Many public schools (and religious schools) go more right, which in turn leads to societal problems. In the end, this way you will get a two battle between socialism and capitalism that is going to work as opposed Poles. The Gulden Middenweg is far from searching, while you must have it right!

Think, for example, of the entire climate discussion.Many people are very busy here while others call it a hoax and thus deny it. The struggle between these two parties does not benefit society. But climate change is now going on and the question is whether that is bad. Okay, soon the ice caps on the planet are gone and the seawater is 10 meters higher. The polar bear is still living in zoos and the penguins are therefore largely gone. There is therefore a greater shortage of drinking water and the Netherlands must build higher to keep the feet dry. And that’s all annoying. But is this change of the world so much?

Because nature just adapts itself.And with more than 7 billion people on this planet, it can also do no harm if the planet can only feed half because humanity will not rapidly extinction. So also here take the golden Middle way. Accept that the climate changes and then respond to the changes, instead of trying to stop these changes…

So also with schools.There is simply a need for mutual respect between teachers, parents and pupils. This means that pupils must show respect towards their teachers. So listen. And learning, because that is the task of the school. A pupil who does not adapt to the school rules simply needs to be tackled harder until they follow the rules. But in contrast, teachers and schools also need to listen to the wishes of parents and children and quickly pick up signals of problems. This is how pest behaviour in schools between pupils must be tackled. Pupils must also be evaluated for their mental and physical qualities and are encouraged to do what they turn out to be good. Schools are not children’s oppassers where parents can dump their child while they are at work. Schools are intended to prepare children for the reality of adult life. And that often involves finding a job with work that the learner is good at and building lasting relationships with others, depending on the needs of the child.

In short, both parents/pupils and schools/teachers must adapt themselves.

My starting point: The school is there for the pupils.Not the other way around.

Having said that: school is stuck to exam requirements not fabricated by them.Of the school, students should be expected to learn enough to meet these requirements. Ergo: Pupils have no, or marginal influence on the teaching material. It is allowed to be tested, to be handed over. Pupils may be told that they are at the wrong level of education and the school can take an action on that.

The other side: Schools usually start around 8.00 hours.There is more and more research that shows that starting around that time is not the need of pupils. Especially in puberty, the ‘ early bed is torn ‘ for many teenagers a kind of jet-lag, and in fact the school sits with not yet awake, not fresh teenagers. All studies show that it is much wiser to start an hour later. Many teenagers function optimally in the afternoon and early evening. But here it turns out that the school is rigid: it is the need of the staff to start as early, to the biological clock of their target group they have no message.

In short, as more comments here: a bit of the one and a bit of the other.

Pupils must adapt to the existing system and the rules of school, so the school must make the system workable and clear.Whether there is a method for that, I do not know.

A school should ideally be an average of the environment in which the school is located.

. This automatically means that people, who perform below or above the average, will be helped too little, or too little to be challenged.

If a school were to adapt to the pupils, that would pose major problems.

A competency test only gives an indication, but can still cause a wrong advice.

Still, there are few other good ways to determine how well someone performs.

This is why the current school system is designed to

Schools need to adapt to society, and pupils need to adapt to the school.Teachers need to be flexible to a certain extent compared to individual pupils.

Both, pupils will have to adapt to achieve the end result of succeeding.At the same time, the school must take into account that each pupil has different qualities and also different (home) situations.

Pupils have the right to choose a school that best suits them.

When they have chosen, pupils adapt to the school, but the opposite happens as well.For example, pupils are guessing.

Schools and pupils need to adapt to changing standards and pre-views.Blindly staring at so-called Oriental wisdom is nonsense. Is the goal that as many pupils as possible in the future get at least a reasonable good job than should be taken into account. All sorts of philosophers and artists who want to live on the POF are not welcome. Only some maybe.


Of course students have to adapt to a school.But not if the school is bad or the whole school system just… is not right.

Each individual is different.Every teenager too, our hormones vultures through our body and we try to discover ourselves. Each brain works differently just as everyone learns something else. 60% of secondary school pupils go to VMBO. This does not mean that according to the stereotypes everyone can learn practically, each brain works differently so everyone learns differently. This is the same as VWO pupils are dumped in a classroom for 7 hours a day, occasionally watching movies and doing assignments or homework, or just having to sit still and listen.

One pupil can concentrate better than the other.Point is that everyone else works and learns differently. Therefore, the school needs to adapt the teaching method to a particular group of pupils, so that they learn best. The one lets you learn better through movies, the other dump you for hours for a talking teacher, the other lets you do projects that contain multiple subjects and do research.

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