Should parents teach their children to believe in God?

As a child, I was “squeezed” into a religion.

I got to know faith as something that looks something like this:

  • On Sundays you go to church.
  • Once a week in the afternoon is religious instruction.
  • You learn sayings by heart, read boring texts and from time to time there is an exam.

Better if you’re holding the.

I got to know faith as a religion.

The problem?

Religion is an empty doctrine and a forced doctrine.

I did not find God in it.A relationship with God certainly not at all.

On the contrary, the compulsion and pressure of religion has removed me from God.

And so it happened that at the first opportunity I turned my back on religion and left the Church.

I was through with the theme “God”.

(Even if there was always a certain sadness.There was no one who sang “Losing my religion” louder than me … it really is like this: God has placed a deep longing in our hearts.)

Ten years later, I became a father myself.

From the family environment the question arose: “How is the little one baptized?”

“Not at all!I want my children to be able to grow up unbiased and without all the spiritual ballast. They should be able to decide for themselves later what they want to believe…”

So it happened that my two sons grew up without religious influence.They did not have to go to church, memorize sayings, and hear sermons.

In the meantime, I am sorry.

I would do it differently today.

It is right to keep religious pressure and coercion away from children.That only leads to defense.

But beware!

We must never confuse religion with faith.

I didn’t come to believe until I was 47.Unfortunately, it is too late to have a lasting impact on the children. But they see how my life has changed in the four years since My Conversion. How I’ve changed.

And that’s good.

One of them has now wanted a Bible for his birthday.The interest is (still) purely intellectual … but I know what the special magic of the Bible can do.

The other is involved in working with refugees.The motivation for this is not (yet) the Christian faith, but my example has brought it there. And my motivation IS the Christian faith.

So, to answer the question unequivocally:

Yes, parents should teach their children to believe in God.

Who else is to do that?

The magic lies in the word “teach”.

The decisive factor is one’s own “model”.

Live your faith.

Seek the will of God and talk to your child about it.Let the Holy Ghost work on you and share your child in it. Go to church with your child (the celebration of God) and share your faith with him – in everyday life. Read together in the Bible.

This is the greatest service you can do to your child.

Unfortunately, I missed that …



One thing is still important to me and I mention it so that there are no misunderstandings:

The Bible clearly says that there is only ONE way that leads to reconciliation with God and eternal life in his reality.

Jesus is also very clear, for example in the Gospel of Matthew:

“I am the way,” says Jesus, “I am the truth, and I am life.

To the Father you can only get through me. When you have known who I am, you will also know my Father. Yes, you already know him; you have already seen him.”
John 14, 6-7 (New Geneva Translation)

In other words, this article is about the Christian faith … faith in Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.

Nothing else is at stake.

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