Should meat be banned?

I would be in favour of banning veganism and vegetarianism.

No, I don’t think so, a ban only brings resistance.

The meat supply should be organised on a decentralised basis, with low production and species-appropriate farming methods.

In addition, it would certainly be helpful to provide even more information about healthy vegan diets and to provide farmers with subsidies that do not have to maintain the sheer mass of meat produced.

Yes absolutely and vegetarians the consumption of fruits and vegetables

no.Man eats meat. Unfortunately, it increases so much that its meat consumption is unsustainable. If 80% of the population does not exist, we wouldn’t have to worry about meat consumption.
Raises the question: should propagation be banned?

No, a ban does not help.But mass animal husbandry is absolutely forbidden – by the way also in the case of dairy cows! And also shredding of live chicks or the castration of male piglets without anaesthesia is immediately forbidden! Who, please, is man to allow such a perverse thing?

Although I don’t eat meat at all, I know that was my personal decision never to eat meat again.I can’t ban other people from doing it. However, every person who eats meat must also be allowed to be confronted with the cruel things surrounding animal husbandry. Above all, we as a society must once again walk away from extreme meat consumption, which is by no means healthy.

This could be achieved, among other things, by gradually downsing subsidies for large-scale farms.It must not be economically worthwhile to torture animals! The whole of society is then used for the ecological damage. That is extremely unfair!

As soon as Clean Meat is not only edible and affordable, I would sign something like that.

Animals, for example, that have to be sledated in the forest, should not be buried!

The discussion about VAT is really super ridiculous right now.

What is the point of this?

In a couple of years, Clean Meat will be affordable in the supermarket.Hopefully with 7% VAT.

And meat from dead animals will become more and more expensive…

Of course, then we should also immediately ban free speech, sex without a fixed partner, free choice of partner and freedom of religion.

No, why ban meat?I like to eat a steak. Rarely and at home, but I don’t bother anyone with it. Before that, they should rather ban smoking in public and heavy perfumery. This makes me feel quite harassed and extremely restricted. Since I suffer from asthma, I get a coughing fit every time someone blows the air.

The problem is not eating meat, but killing animals.Banning the killing of animals makes sense when you consider that you can prevent millions of times as much suffering.

Because what is really regrettable is that we are not able to see that we no longer have to kill animals in order to feed ourselves in a balanced way.

Anyone who nevertheless stylizes himself as a “meat connoisseur” and speaks of attacks by the “meat opponents” exposes himself as someone whose conscience already knows what would be right…

Why do you want to ban meat consumption?There is no political party that demands such a shit, let’s go on with such suggestive questions to vote for the AfD.

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