Should life have a purpose for you? Why does/not?

No small question.So you do not ask what the purpose of my life would be, in my opinion, you do not ask whether a life purpose would be generalable and if so to what extent, you ask whether such a goal is necessary. A difficult question, and a dangerous question-because you can walk many people on the toes.

I think so.Life is uncluttered without a life goal. It also comes to happen as a succession of events, many coincidentally, many unintentionally, some (or many) even undesirable. A life without purpose is a bit like a salami that is finely sliced in slices. It is not salami, it is a series of 50 or 100 cuts. What is the meaning of undoted life? What is the meaning? I would almost ask myself: where is the value?

Of course, you cannot put a life goal first, and then live a life there.Or still very difficult. I think a life goal becomes clearer in life itself, as you gain experience, acquire insights, in short, live (but in a reflexive way). So life purpose is a product of the life, while it gives also that life direction, sense and meaning. Life and life purpose are strangled constructions, both under construction (and in dialogue) to the end.

I fear especially that without purpose, someone is going to be a very easy prey for those things that want to take over our lives, that you are going to be lived by society, in particular than by the economic powers, which you see as a production and consumption Machine. And that would be very regrettable.

I personally think so.

We are all looking for something.If you’re not working on anything, not looking for something, not trying to excel, or work, or create, or be aware of you are then you might as well not exist. If you live, you live in the world anyway and you will have to deal with things that play in the world. It is therefore impossible not to play a role (and therefore not to have a goal in this world)

Be aware of your goal

So it is actually better to be aware of your goal,
Because then you are sure that you have given yourself the purpose of your life than it is just “put” on you for everyone, the goal is different, some people are born and know directly what their purpose is eg. They want to write books, others want to be a doctor, yet others just want to be happy and it doesn’t matter what kind of function that is. Others do not know it directly and are looking for it.

A goal gives meaning to your life

For those who are looking there is actually no ready answer, because personally I think you are asking the following question: What can we do to give a purpose or meaning to our lives.

And that question is centuries-old.

Agreements of people with a purpose

However, you can see answers and suggestions that always come back to people
That clearly have a purpose and mission in their lives.

-Sense of responsibility: they adhere to their appointments.

To themselves and their neighbors.
-Persevere: They persist if something does not go right
-Creativity: They put something down in the world that did not exist before, even if it is only a piece of text

Ask to find your goal

I think it is important in this to say that I think your goal in life, whatever it may be, is your contribution to this world.Some questions to ask yourself in these are

  • -Who am I?
  • -Where do I belong?
  • -What will give me a sense of satisfaction?

The answer to these questions will be a bit different at different stages of your life.So your life goal is not only important it will develop over the years. Just like you will develop into the best version of Yourself

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The property of life is a specific form of efficiency, namely that itself to be the goal.

This applies to every life, not just human life. People have the opportunity to set their own goals in the light of their own resources.

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