Should it be illegal to burn the Dutch flag?

If you have bought the flag it is your flag, you can do what you want with it.If you have bought a table you can also put it in the garden and light it (in smaller pieces in the fire pit or on the barbecue, otherwise it may not), as long as the neighbours are not bothered by them.

A country is more, much more than its symbols.If you are not allowed to burn a flag, can you burn a map of the Netherlands? A bunch of clogs? The dissatisfaction that underlies the actions remains, regardless of whether or not you make the actions yourself illegal. Rather that it has an exhaust valve in protest actions, and that as a policy maker or policeman you know what is going on with who, then that it remains beneath the surface until it runs out of nowhere on riots. Rather a flag than a car, just to say cru.

(Can you fire a car if it’s your own car?Is there environmental legislation? Could you get a car on the fire pit at all? Something to think about).

Further.. I am not such a fan of laws and regulations that are not based on practical matters or practicality but sentimentality.And certainly not on laws that must stimulate or safeguard patriotism. The feeling of patriotism actually exists only very briefly (the long 19th century), since its first existence has already been used as a propaganda technique and that has never changed. Burning a flag is an expression of an opinion that some of us take on a tremendous offense, but banning flag burning is equallytrue.

Yeah seeing a Dutch flag on fire makes me uncomfortable, but that do laws that prohibit that as well.They both leave a nasty taste in my mouth. And not only from the Ashes (451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which books burn, let us especially not stop thinking critically about the society in which we live).

And let us not, in Heaven’s name, take an example of American practices, in a moment we really have to start singing the Wilhelmus for every school day and sports event.That kind of brainwashing may be omitted from me.

The Netherlands is her male.There, the burning of a piece of cloth, like Niek said, can do little to detract from it. We make a country, not cheap prullaria.Let us not forget that distinction.

A flag is just a rag fabric.As long as that rag fabric is your property and you do not cause a fire hazard or smoke nuisance you should burn it.

No, that kind of state idolatry is not necessary.

The flag is not an idol, nor should it be.

The Dutch tradition is, I believe, that you have to burn the flag if you drop it on the ground, or have it hung after sunset (without lighting).It is not legally forbidden to continue to use an unclean and undigested flag, but that is an expression of contempt for the Dutch nation芒 鈧?”especially if it is done out of a lack of interest in Dutch traditions. The flag does not burn because some Americans take offense to flag burnings is just as Dutch, as black Piet abolish because some Americans take offense to black face paint on white faces.

It must be illegal to put stuff on fire.Do you know how much CO2 emissions it causes? If you no longer like a sheet, a towel or a flag, you can sew a lot of underpants.

Climate terrorist

Yes.I am against burning flags in public anyway. It is a sign of deep contempt. One has a flag of the USA Southern States or a Nazi flag then discreetly cut into pieces and discard. Also with the national anthem one has to be careful. Before Chavez in Venezuela in power played a band from Colombia once a parody of the national anthem of Venezuela. They got a lot of ransel. When we were in the USA, the Pledge of Allegiance was read every morning in the breakfast room. Everyone stood up (we included) and the Americans by hand on the heart (we didn’t) quoted with it.

As a symbol that should proudly evoke for your own country, I believe that the burning of the Dutch flag should be punishable, yes.

Edit: I’m actually a bit disappointed that I don’t get any 芒 鈧?虄up-votes芒 鈧劉.I have received one comment that I find, indicating what is wrong in today’s society in which we live in which tolerance is spoken. Example: When you are invited for the first time to your friend’s parents. Once you get inside then you walk straight to the fridge and pull out a bottle of beer, walk to the couch, throw your feet on the table, change the channel on the TV and leave a loud farmer after your first sip of your beer.

I don’t think you can expect any tolerance in this scenario.It has to do with the respect because it is something you just don’t.

Tolerance: You can be tolerant, nothing wrong with it but that tolerance only goes so far before you exceed the point of dis-respect.

Dutch value: The flag is the symbol of the country in which you live.I live in the Philippines and also stand up when that flag is hoisting and the anthem is played. As for me go 芒 鈧?虄waarden芒 鈧劉 and 芒 鈧?虄respect芒 鈧劉 hand in hand, you can not have one without the other. Without respect for the flag you have no values as a society.

People who have already experienced the conscription can probably remember that you have to salute every morning when hovering the flag.Maybe I’m old fashioned but for me it’s about respect.

Edit 2: The most noteworthy is. During a “Death Memorial”鈩? everyone can respect the events that have taken place and observe 2 minutes of silence.People get angry or react irritated when someone suddenly starts a loud protest. Surely you realize I hope you remember people who died for THAT flag, in the defense for THAT flag? It is also hypocritical to ask this question: 芒 鈧?虄 It should be illegal to burn the Dutch flag芒 鈧劉 and where I am most worse than that people see no problem in this.You should just be ashamed of you.

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