Should it be banned from eating red meat?

But for sure…

This is an excellent introduction to green governance tyranny.The next steps are to ban all meat consumption and the daily forced feeding with tofu.

There are no well-founded reasons to ban the consumption of red meat, at least not from a health/medical point of view. I wrote about this in detail in another post here on Quora.

The EPIC study, with just under half a million participants, found no association between red meat consumption and mortality [1.

The latter depends less on the type of meat and on the degree of processing.Therefore, salami, but not steak, has an influence on the risk of death and disease. And this influence, too, when expressed at absolute risk, is an order of magnitude smaller than the media, which always only trumpets the relative risk.

In figures (from the above-mentioned EPIC study): If 3 of the 100 sausage abstinents die in a given period, 4 out of 100 sausage lovers (who also have to eat more than 160 grams of sausage per day) die in the same period.

Should we ban sausages from all 96 sausage lovers because of the one percent absolute risk?

Anyone who answers ‘yes’ will also be prepared to ban red meat.Its lack of correlation with mortality must not be an obstacle for green and vegetarian missionaries, right?

Another issue is the emission of greenhouse gases associated with livestock farming.Of course, a global ban on livestock farming would lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases.

After all, agriculture produces all three 鈥?CO2, CH4, and N2O.And that is precisely the next argument of our political governors of well-known couleurs. What comes to mind, however, are always only the same solutions: taxes or prohibitions.

If these political governess weren’t as unencumbered by any scientific education and knowledge as they are, they would notice that their contemporaries are already working on solutions that can reduce greenhouse gases even without the need for a greenhouse gas. paternalism of the world’s population.Bioenergy combined with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is called [2.

Promoting such research projects would be far more important and effective than the ongoing tax and prohibition.

But as we all know, the world is supposed to recover from the German nature.Only if you calculate the world’s population to the size of a hundred-strong village, just one in the hundred is a German. And what he does in his house makes the whole village better?


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