Should I invest in stocks and funds in 2019?

Very good question with a theoretically simple answer.

Yes, better today than tomorrow!

Because, as they say, the time is nothing on the stock market, but the time span is worth everything.

So when you start investing your money, the best time to do so is always “today” – whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve or your grandmother’s birthday.

But why is “now” the right time punk?

Let us look at examples in detail to really return to the facts.

The best way to see why choosing the right day to start is to look at things that have “felt” massively influenced the stock market.

  • Apr 2010 – The Deepwater Horizon oil tanker sinks
  • May 2012 – Facebook goes public
  • Nov 2016 – Trump wins US presidential election
  • Apr 2016 – Elon Musk and his Twitter joke on April 1 about Tesla’s bankruptcy

The three main features to look out for in this graph


Markets went uphill

Seen over a long period of time, the market is growing.The regular declines were also compensated.

2.Don’t panic!

The perceived “big” events 鈥?rumours, bankruptcies of large companies, misfortunes 鈥?that affected the stock market did not send an ETF into an infinite downward spiral.

3.The mix makes it

Of course鈥?if you invest your money in a single stock, you bet that this company will operate positively.A mix of many stocks can reduce this “betting risk.”

Tip: Less “poker”, more long-term thinking!

Find investment products that include a mix of investments.

That sounds enormously complicated.

But – don’t worry, it’s not.

A good example of this is the iShares MSCI World ETF.

This ETF includes companies from different countries around the world and tries to map the global economy as a general.This means that with the money you invest in these ETFs, you are simultaneously investing your money in companies like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Allianz, Netflix and many more.

The money is therefore not tied to whether a single geographic market crashes (for example, the Swiss market!), but is chained to the constantly growing world market.

Of course, you can nuance your “global” investment strategy much more precisely by choosing many different investment products.Some products focus on specific regions, such as emerging markets (e.g. AIS Amundi MSCI Emerging Markets), some on sustainable companies (e.g. iShares MSCI USA SRI UCITS ETF), or on only one country, such as Switzerland (e.g. UBS ETF (CH) – SMI庐) and so on.

And as a little spoiler at the end. The easiest way to invest with Selmais to invest.

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