Should DHMO be warned?

As a specialist with many years of experience in the classification of hazardous substances, I can only point out the danger posed by DHMO.Year out, more people die as a result of the careless treatment of DHMO and its mixtures than from global terror!

DHMO is so excessively used nowadays that on average every person has to endure a concentration of more than 700 ppk of DHMO in his body.DhMO leads to a turges of the upper skin layers even with long-term contact with the skin.

In addition, DHMO is extremely addictive!Already after a short period of acclimatization, an addict is no longer able to survive for more than three days without DHMO! Sadly, addicted DHMO exposed women pass on this addiction directly to their children.

Therefore, when dealing with DHMO, be sure to follow the following safety instructions and use the various options for DHMO-suitable personal protective equipment and appropriate technical aids such as:

  • DHMO-resistant liquid-tight footwear
  • DHMO-resistant liquid-tight gloves
  • When immersing: DHMO-resistant face umbrella or goggles with densely closing rubber fold and J-shaped breathing tube with liquid sink or automatic liquid closure; alternatively for trained persons: use ambient-independent compressed air breathing system!
  • In the case of unwanted drop-shaped distribution outdoors: use foldable DHMO protective devices, DHMO protective tarpaulins with final full hood, DHMO protective suits in shore and sea variant (standard color: yellow)!
  • When heating DHMO: Risk of scalding and splashing.

DHMO-resistant full apron. Use suitable containers made of corrosion-resistant metal!

  • When spraying outdoors: Use suitable DHMO-stable hoses and fittings.
  • Don’t direct the spray at people! Do not operate DHMO transport facilities in the vicinity of children without supervision!

    Please do not fill DHMO in empty containers for gasoline, detergents or oil!There is a risk of confusion!

    When swallowing CO2-saturated DHMO, carbon dioxide gas can be vomiting!DHMO ethanol mixtures can affect motor and sensory abilities, impair rational judgment, promote aggression and act in high concentrations toxic! After ingestion of DHMO ethanol mixtures do not drive vehicles or operate heavy machinery!

    For transport and storage of DHMO, its mixtures and solutions use only suitable DHMO vessels such as semi-open metal or plastic cylinders with handle or original packaging!

    Residual empty packaging can be recycled.Recommended AVV keys:

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