SEO: What will my website bring forward in 2019?

We have asked this question to experts from Amazon, Booking, eBay, Vodafone, Shopify and Expedia.Consider the most important trends and this will make your website a success.

You can clearly see it: the turn of the year is almost just around the corner.An article on “SEO trends” is published almost every day. As always, we rely on well-known names and top topics. Serpstat simply keeps up with the times and doesn’t want to bore readers to death.

What SEO trends await us in 2019?

So you can expect unusual predictions from SEO experts, who are mostly in the shadows, although their successes are undeniable.We interviewed 50+ SEOs of world-renowned companies, including Amazon, Booking, eBay, Vodafone, Expedia and Shopify.

They all have one thing in common: maximum visibility in organic search.

In the following we present some opinions of the experts:

Our SEO experts:

  • Rodrigo Stockebrand

Global SEO Leader
on Amazon Music
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  • Julian Redlich

SEO Product Owners
at Booking
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  • Nick Wilsdon

SEO Product Owners
at Vodafone Group
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  • Juliette van Rooyen

SEO Manager at eBay
GrÁúČndnerin by VR Squared
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  • Vytautas Palovis

SEO Team Leader
at Oberlo (Shopify)
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  • Eleftherios (Lefto)Chatziandreou

Global SEO Leader
at Expedia Group
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  • Jasja ter Horst

Founders and developers
at SEO Review Tools
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  • Ann Smarty

Brand and Community Manager
at Internet Marketing Ninjas
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  • Dan Taylor

Senior Technical SEO Consultant and
Account Director at
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SEO Trends for 2019 from Amazon, Booking, eBay, Vodafone, Shopify, Expedia Experts

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