Rotterdam or Maastricht: Which city is best for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

Rotterdam, the world port.Top of urbanism and modernity. I also think that the mayor Abutaleb is the right person to ensure security, hospitality and structure at such a major international event.

Maastricht is the European City par excellence.

The Maastricht Treaty has been signed.Within an hour of travelling are Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Of the Dutch cities, this is the only city that really looks European.All other cities are beautiful, but very Dutch; Calvinist.
In the Netherlands only Roermond and Maastricht do not look so.They show you a more Burgundian environment. You will find the mixture of Dutch, French, German, Belgian Luxembourgish styles.
And with that you have to tackle a few of the founders of the Eurovision.

As far as I am concerned it is lead to old iron.

Both cities have good facilities, are easy to reach and can offer such an event.

‘, ‘ 100% Rotterdam.Because of both the facilities (Ahoy is a fine place) as well as the city’s appearance. Do you want to push forward a city with an international allure with about millions of audiences? Then I think of Rotterdam rather than Maastricht.

“,” Rotterdam has my strong preference.

I much prefer that the Netherlands presents itself as a modern, daring, Urbaan, a touch of edgy, multicultural and unique than as conservative, ageing, raked and barely distinguishable from the rest of Western Europe.(To throw in some platitudes.)

Having said that: Maastricht is one of the most beautiful and coziest cities in the Netherlands and I can imagine that many people prefer to come to Rotterdam.

Both cities are extremely suitable for host city during the Eurovision Song Contest.It’s not the question “which city is best?” but “which city best suits the purpose?”. Do we want to show that the Netherlands is more than the Randstad or that there is more in the Randstad? Which city can achieve a cheaper festival? What story do we want to tell and which city suits the best?

Those are questions that you cannot answer now, I would at least know the answer to it.Name recognition or size of the place does not matter, you do not look for the festival for the location (although the country can influence the quality of the show). Harrogate (1982), Lausanne (1989), Millstreet (1993) and D眉sseldorf (2011) are examples of this.

Personally, I think it could be better to be held in Maastricht, because the Randstad is already growing strongly, it does not need such a promotional campaign.

Why limit yourself to those two places, I think Rottemeroog is the only serious candidate.

You want to have such an attack on good taste if the Eurovision Song contest does not relate to any possibility with the rest of the Netherlands.

Because of the historical link with Europe, Maastricht is a good choice.My chauvinism will bring me back to Rotterdam.

As a Belgian I answer: Maastricht!Three countries point, the Vrijthof, Limburg geniality!

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