Political discourse: Are democracy and capitalism at odds with each other?

Thanks to Kerstin Ewelt for the request.

Capitalism is an economicform. [1

Democracy is a form ofgovernment. [2

The two can quite harmonize.The Federal Republic of Germany and most of europe are liberal democracies, i.e. democracies with a capitalist economy. [3 The two complement each other.

It is no coincidence that the world’s most developed countries are almost always liberal democracies. The most successful and stable are in the social marketcategory,[4 for example Germany or Canada).

Capitalism, by the way, is potentially very democratic.Public limited companies, for example, are obliged to their shareholders, not only with profits, but also in transparency and in votes at annual meetings.

(Which exploits Action outcry to scrutinise stores at Heckler & Koch and the like.Action Outcry owns shares for exactly this reason.) [5

Cooperatives are also well capitalist.The owners are just the members. [6

That is why I like to be a democrat and a capitalist in one.But I prefer to support cooperatives and the like out of conviction.In the USA, my bank account is with a credit union, roughly comparable to a Volksbank in Germany.My family likes to buy dairy products from Land’O’Lakes, one of the largest cooperatives in the world, and my local parents have a co-op, a grocery store or grocery store.Supermarket operated by a cooperative (in Germany there is the cooperative chain Sky, but unfortunately there are none nearby). [7 And in Germany I also support cooperatives wherever and whenever possible.If eG is on it as a business form, or associations for mutual help or similar, I am interested.

I also try to go to the retailer and support them.I like to buy one directly from farmers at the weekly market. All capitalism is pure, but also on the far left and more ecologically conscious.

So I agree with my euros and influence the market.If enough people are convinced, we can turn the market for the better.

In Germany, this has somehow been forgotten, but “left capitalist” is not a contradiction in terms.The original leftists in England, the Whigs,[8 forerunners of today’s Liberal Democrats,[9 were in favour of free trade, open borders and equality), and have successfully fought against the slave trade. In Britain, the Lib Dems are loyal to this heritage and are left-liberal, much like the Greens in Germany.

Capitalism is only the most effective form of economic affairs to date.She is neither good nor evil. And can even be very good 鈥?and very democratic. You just have to design it accordingly.


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