On which planet or object in space can an unprotected man survive the longest?

Original question: on which planet or object in space can an unprotected man survive the longest?

Of course we can survive the longest on the earth.Then of course the International Space Station. But let’s take it aside, and look at other planets and stuff. We use our magical magic wand to transport an unprotected man to random planets, and before we are condemned for mass murder, we still look at the results of this experiment.

We send our first subject to the space.For comparison. In The Sixties someone was exposed to almost vacuum, and after about 15 seconds he lost his consciousness. That would also happen here. Within a few minutes the person died further. Say two, for convenience.

Mercury and the Moon have no atmosphere (Nouja, technically speaking, the moon has an atmosphere, see: Is There An atmosphere on the moon?, but practically speaking does not really matter), so for our subjects it Is not really different than if They loose in space floating around.They are lucky when they take the two minutes.

Venus Dan.The Goddess of love. On whose surface there are gigantic high temperatures, above 400 degrees Celsius, the pressure is more than 90 times higher than on earth, there is constant storms razing and the sulphuric acid rains: just real love. It would surprise me if you endure it for more than a second under these circumstances.

Mars.That place where everyone would like to set up a colony. But it’s not there yet, so our test person arrives at extremely cold temperatures, an atmosphere with almost no oxygen, sandstorms, a very thin atmosphere that exposes you to various radiation… Practically speaking, Mars does not fall for walking around in the vacuum. So the atmosphere that is there does not really help you. So let us say two minutes here too.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all gas planets.This means that our unfortunate people will end up in an atmosphere full of electrostatically charged clouds and a tremendous pressure, which only increases as they fall further. Ow, and breathe in that atmosphere can also be forgotten. However, the biggest problem remains that pressure. Within a second you will be massively compressed and blown away.

You said ‘ objects ‘.The sun is an object. The Sun is a star. Stars are balls of hot plasma that destroy people within nano-or milliseconds. With or without spacesuit. The people we send there have been quite lucky: before they noticed they were dead, they didn’t exist anymore.

The various moons such as Europe, Io Enzo are frankly not much better than what I mentioned before: if they have an atmosphere, then they are extremely deadly as well.

But there are planets outside our solar system.What about this? Of course, we then let planets where the melted glass or diamenten rains, where the atmosphere is on fire and gas giants and such disregards, we do not shoot much with it. What about planets that resemble the Earth? The problem of nature-like exoplanets is that we do not know too little about them to be able to make a good estimate of how long an unprotected person could keep it out. Probably not long. A similar gravity is not yet a guarantee for a similar planet. Remember that the gravity of Venus is similar to that of Earth, and see how fine it is there. But even if it is not so extreme, it is still not a guarantee that the planet actually has an atmosphere that we can do something with. Remember that the Earth’s atmosphere was not always breathable for us. One of the greatest mass absorptions in the history of the Earth finally took place when Unicellates learned to cope with oxygen, and anaerobic bacteria Enzo massively died due to the enormous increase of that toxic oxygen in the atmosphere. So who knows how poisonous the atmosphere of such an extremely Earth-like exoplanet is not for us.

But well, all in all, it seems that wherever we are outside the earth and our space, things are gone without protection, we lose our consciousness within a few seconds or fifteen, and are dead within a few minutes (if at least we are not in a second Destroyed).Not really a pleasant prospect.

I would try “the Earth”.

That is the Earth at the moment, no other objects have been found in the space where we are sure that man can survive for a long time.

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