On 12 April, the British Commons adopted a bill that excludes a no-deal Brexit. After the resignation of Prime Minister May and possible premiership of Brexit hardliner Boris Johnson, why is there still a no-deal Brexit?

So far, there is nowhere to be a majority.So someone has to swallow a compromise. So you can’t exclude anything. In addition, the Nodeal Brexit happens at default if nothing else is agreed.

It is also no secret that party is more important than country.So if the Conservatives think that Nodeal is needed for their poll figures then they go for it.

Where do you get that from?
Do you mean the Cooper-Letwin motion of April 3?

This Bill seeks to restrict the Prime minister’s discretion about whether and when to seek an extension to the two-year negotiating period under Article 50 (3) TEU.


There, the PM was instructed to request extension Art 50 TEU per first deadline 12 April.No-Deal was not the job.No-deal is always the default after an extension.If you don’t do anything, it just happens, no law except recall art 50 that can stop that.

But -as it is now and you are aiming for it -the Commons does not want the next no-deal, of course.And then you get a motion again.

So you can always try, or say, to try, like Poehaha-Mr., that you want to go to the lower housing if necessary.You can.

BJ is a poehaha-sir.Not the hardest hardliner, but rather a hard-liner. BJ has a number of things on the peat list in order of precedence.

  1. Is it good for Boris?
  2. Is it good for Boris his friends?
  3. Is it good for his faction (party within the party)?
  4. Is it good for his group (conservatives)
    Look, the Tories stand with the back against the wall.

Elections, more extensions, optically bad negotiators results or current WA Deal? Then they are gone. So then there is not much left to try (to say) to make the Brexit party right. Ergo: no-deal calling.

  • It Is good for England at short notice.
    Irish issue?
  • Scottish independence? Riffraff!

  • It Is good for the UK and Gibraltar in the longer term.
  • Sunlit uplands.

  • It Is good for the relationship with the US.
  • It Is good for international European relations.
  • Is it still good for Boris?
  • By the way?

    The term “No-deal” is a very nasty reframing of the screenplay and in itself a victory of the hardliners.No-deal does not mean at all that the UK runs away from a bad negotiation to where they come from. But so it seems right now. No-Deal means thick trammelant.

    They have activated Article 50.This means that after two years the membership would be terminated automatically. There they have been given two times (wrongly IMHO) postponement.

    But that does not change the fact that eventually the membership automatically expires.So if they do not get moving, then on 31 October they are automatically from the EU

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