My son told me that he no longer wanted to go to church. How should I punish him?

Faith represents a very personal matter that cannot be verifiable.You can believe in one thing or not.There is no “truth” of faith. Content is transmitted through stories, commandments and parables. The believer is kept in constant preoccupation with the religion assigned to him and in spiritual submission.

Religion and its operational institutions are instruments of power of the few to master many.Architecturally outstanding buildings and possession of extensive lands are symbols of dominance.Regular acoustic means focus the participants on strictly following own rites, thus distinguishing them from the other non-believers. Religion in its exercise has an elitist claim.It is therefore similar to its pendent, to politics. Even a party is always right from its self-image.You have to believe in it and follow it. Deviations are sanctioned.

Of course, this is a controversial issue.It is not unjustly said that friends and acquaintances can be lost when politics and religion are discussed.I would therefore like to give an example.

A little boy grew up in a Christian family.At home there were many bookshelves. The boy kept rummaging through it. Above all, he looked at the pictures in the encyclopaedias and read all sorts of contributions to the country and its people. At the age of twelve, he came across articles from the French Enlightenment on the principles of cause and effect.

He did not want to think that there is a superior central religious power that directs and controls everything.In wars, the countries were covered with bombs and napalm. Where should there be a God? The boy found religion to be nonsense with the practice and representation of the Church. If there was a “God” who was “kind,” the world would look better.

The boy went to his parents and asked that he be able to leave the Church.This was only possible with the written consent of the parents. The parents gave their consent and the boy went his own way. The boy became something in his life, and he was also deeply attached to his parents for the liberal attitude in old age.

Children have an original sense of good and evil because they have not been shaped or bent by ideologies and propaganda.Their instincts are intact.

As adults and parents, we can provide a guide – guardrails.Nothing more. Thoughts and minds must remain free. Faith, religion, beliefs – this is what the young person has to find and decide for himself.Then he understands to walk his own way upright through all the ups and downs of life.

Prohibitions in the thought and suppression of free will produce subjects or aggressive behaviors. They have nothing to look for in education.

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