My son often plays video games three to four hours a day. I plan to limit it to one hour a day. Am I too strict?

No, you’re not strict.In fact, as a parent, you are doing the right thing. So I will answer your question with my own answer, which I translated from my answer to another question in Quora Indonesia Jawaban Syelly Tuhumury untuk Bagaimana pendapatmu sebagai seorang gamer melihat anak-anak yang kecanduan game daring?

I am a player who is also a school counsellor.

As a player, I went through periods of gambling addiction until my college studies rested.

After such a time, I don’t want school-age kids to become addicted to online games.

There is a big difference between adults and minors.

When I became addicted to online games, I was already an adult and studying.

Even to end the habit, it was very difficult. Even adults are not necessarily able to control themselves. Not all adults can escape their addiction. In addition, underage children are still unstable, have not been able to make appropriate decisions and cannot control their impulsivity. This is the importance of the discipline that parents apply to their children. why? Since good habits that have been nurtured since childhood can disappear, especially if it is a bad habit, it will be too difficult to be controlled by the child, even as it grows up.


When someone asks me if a student’s parents or someone asks me for a quora answer about how many hours a child can play, I always answer with “maximum 2 hours”.

I am also a teacher and I know the daily life and the life plan of children who are still in school.

One of my tasks as a school counselor in caring for children with poor academic conditions is to help them organise their daily schedule. Children who are still in school spend most of their time in school. They don’t have much time to do other things after returning from school.

The child’s sleep duration should be 8 hours (this should not be reduced or exaggerated).

Not to mention the distance from the school at home, which is about 1 hour (this is a minimum for commuting), and if the house is far from the school.

Not to mention whether they have additional tutoring.

Then need time to eat, bathe, be.

Then there must be time to do homework and learn yourself.


A child’s relaxed time should not only be used to play online or video games.

Children need to live a realistic life where they can use their time to meet family, play with friends or play sports. Therefore, it is not advisable for the children to spend more than 2 hours playing games, as this means the time they need for other things (such as learning, doing homework, tutoring, exercising, reading, meeting with family, meeting with friends, eating) , bathing, sleeping, etc.) reduced or even one of these activities is eliminated.


The problem of time management is an essential thing that must be disciplined early on for the child, so that, as an adult who has the right to set his own time, he can stop if he has spent too long on a cause (for example, Play games).

As a player, I learned how to control my desire to play games.

So I try to balance the free time I spend on other things like writing, hanging out with friends, reading etc. Have. That doesn’t mean that as a player I deny playing or say that a game is not good. No, but I realize that as an adult I have to live a life of balanced activities. I have very long periods in cyberspace, so I also have to keep up with what I do in the real world because I live in the real world and interact with environmental and human conditions in the real world. As I write or read about Quora, I also meet with Quora users in the real world, so that my relationship with them is not just a virtual relationship.

Conclusion: As a player, I recommend to anyone who also likes to play games, not to forget real life, always maintain social relationships in the real world, fulfill their duties and responsibilities and play other activities than to do games and have a quality life for them.


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