My niece (2) beats her herself if she doesn’t get her sentence. How serious is this and what can I do about it?

I am struggling with the interpretation.She doesn’t get her sentence. ‘ If you approach everything from this point you can miss something important.

Crying and lying on the ground or screeches I know a lot.That’s what I think of that typical behaviour that is part of trying to get your way.

But who knows, a whole other emotion hides behind this eruption.
Maybe she feels turned down or she feels huge disappointment and gives herself punishment.

And here-if you would see your colleague doing so-even if it was to get his or her sentence, you would say ‘ this is unhealthy! ‘ Of course, we tend to quickly look the other way ‘ difficult ‘-do not interfere.
But these are really signals in a child that you shouldn’t ignore.

As a child I imploded-I scratched myself in my face and I struck myself on my head.I always found myself very stupid. I punished myself for having thought that something would come right or that someone would say ‘ yes ‘. How could I be so stupid? Stupid, stupid child!

Now that I’m older and lost a lot of nasty things, this is something that is still a mystery to me. If something happens now, unexpectedly or my partner rejects me while I (in my opinion) have made a lot of effort, it all comes back again.In My head I also hear ‘ stupid child! ‘ But it doesn’t sound like myself. Now I start to ask myself seriously from how early it was actually said to me. My parents weren’t disgusted with a corrective tick, but now that I look at everything back I have the idea that it was much more than that. I recall squeezing, scratching and beating, and that whole mean things were said, but all vague. It’s been a long time ago and above all I thought ‘ this is very common, I deserved this, because if my parents say I am a k * Tkind, then they will be right. ‘

I am not the type to linger in things, but now the imploding is the only thing that is ‘ wrong ‘ with me, I must conclude that that has been a huge thing.The physical and mental treatment I received from my parents. As a child, I read the book bruises and always thought ‘ so bad I haven’t experienced it ‘-but when I look at how I’m going with my son, I am very afraid of that.

For that reason I also say turn here not simple of way and think it will be fine.There may be nothing wrong with how her parents deal with her but who knows there is someone else where this comes from. It never comes from nowhere. No matter how you turn it on or off, even if it is because she doesn’t get her sentence, this is not a healthy way to express yourself.

I am a gene educator, except my own experience with my 2 sons.One of them had been employed to cry if he did not get his sentence. However, he kept the first swipe of the cry so long that he fainted. Panic everywhere, if you’re in the grocery store with all sorts of know-it-all women around you.

After talking to the pediatrician, on his advice, we just ignored him if he did so.Don’t give a comment, try to worry and ignore it completely. He soon noticed that his trick was no longer working and kept it for a while.

In my ears that sounds quite serious and this is something that you should tackle with care.But it is also not super strange to hear of it again.

From what I have read and seen in others (and also mother feeling), children of that age can not always keep their emotions under control or can not always properly show what they really want to say.This frustration results in anger attacks (English: tantrums) and it can indeed also prevent them from hurting themselves.

The moment you see that the child is beating himself, I think the most important thing is to stay calm and be aware of the situation.It is the task of the adult to create a safe environment for the child and for that you have to be calm.

  • If necessary, you must physically stop the child from hurting themselves.

Hold her arms against her body so she can’t beat herself

  • Talk to her to soothe her.
  • Keep the tone of your voice calm, feeling suey, quiet, but still ferm. Make her clear that you are there for her and that it is safe.

  • A child may not always get his or her sentence.
  • This is NOT the time to give the child its meaning or to discuss why not. Otherwise you will teach the child that this behavior (hitting) results in what she wants (her phrase).

    When the situation is over and everyone is quiet then you can talk about it (maybe after an hour). Though she is only 2, they understand more than you think.Make it clear why she hasn’t had her sentence. Why it may not always be and maybe you can even find out what she says it is something completely different what she wanted to say.

    I hope this answer helped a little.

    Still something: If the beating has been going on for a long time (no end in sight) and very extreme (bleeding) you should seek proffesional help.

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    For such a thing I think it is important to ask for MSS psychological help anyway.

    Does she beat her herself hard? In What situation does it grow (what behavior does it copy)? How is it responded? Because a child also seeks ways to get attention or her sense. Does she get enough positive attention from her parents? If you feel that your niece is somewhere in 芒 鈧?艙danger芒 鈧?then I would encourage MSS the parents to go to a psychologist. MSS can also try, when she starts beating her self, ignoring her completely, or posting MSS somewhere separately and watching what happens. It’s good of you that you ask that question, I’m assuming you want to help. Many children grew up in weird situations and have never gotten any help from their surroundings, and only a lot later, sometimes they come from what they have experienced. But it may also be, as I said, that it is gwn a way to get what she wants, because there is response to komt芒 鈧?娄 hopefully you have something to answer my. Much success

    What do you mean exactly with ‘ don’t get her phrase ‘?Do you mean she does so when she asks a toy and doesn’t get it? Or is it sooner if you are somewhere and she asks to go home, and you say no. On the first I cannot go along, and others have already given good answers. With the second I do have experience again.

    I start by saying that my mother was really a wonderful mother who did everything to give her children a beautiful life despite all the difficulties she experienced by my father/author.The latter was never there so she had to do everything alone: working, household, children… As a parent you will know that there is not much free time left, let alone chance to go somewhere for yourself, e.g. wedding party of girlfriend , or cafe for social contact. And if you can’t find or pay a baby sitting, the kids will join in, because young children don’t just leave you at home, right?

    Let the latter now be just where a youngster I had problems with, and a current one I also go nowhere hot if IE is not sure that IE can go home when it suits myself.Although I can come across extroverted, by means of self-taught traits, I am mainly an introvert: I enjoy most of the tranquility of a familiar place with familiar people who also leave me alone when the energy is up. Take me to a place where I don’t feel at ease, with more sound and stimuli that I love and many strangers (so little to no people with whom I feel comfortable and able to anchor), and all my energy is sucked away. Once that is gone, I have to go home, because my comfort levels are extremely low, and the fatigue high; And as I am stuck longer there, that two further and further apart, what the irritation only increases.

    This is the result of a mental disorder I was born with, and not chosen for.One of which I did not know that I had them before I was twelve, so it could not communicate at that young age, + that this disorder also express myself quite difficult. I knew what I wanted to say, but it just didn’t matter, which also gave more frustrations; Until everything came to a boiling point and those frustrations were expressed physically (because of a verbal inability) and especially on myself, because it is ‘ not done ‘ to hurt others. This turned out mainly in the self hitting or the head against the walls banging (or for lack of a wall other surfaces like a table). Here then often was enormously judging on reacted which did not help the situation. Nja, reply get some too long, sorry

    What I’m actually trying to say: Is it because she doesn’t get something, or because she’s in a situation where she feels uncomfortable because she gets too much stimuli and it’s getting overblown, like e.g. in the supermarket with a lot of sound and people?The first one, as others have indicated, can be a way to try to get her sentence, where you will not give the toy, so that she will get that this is not going to work. The second may simply be an inability to communicate that T is too much, especially at that young age, and if you suspect that it is this it may be that she also has something mentor that she cannot do, and that you can then get tested and learn how to do this as Parent (or aunt) to go

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