My girlfriend’s husband goes weird and she knows nothing about it. What can I do?

What you can do, that’s easy.

You can tell your girlfriend, or not.

What your starting point should be is the happiness of your girlfriend.Will she be grateful to you, her life will look better if you tell her, or not.

That’s not that easy yet.And it depends on how your relationship is with your girlfriend. What do you know about her, how does she experience her marriage and what appointments does she have with her husband? Are you really a friend, for example, are you going to include her temporarily in your house if that marriage bursts apart and their house has to be sold? If it is really a good friend of yours and so you know all that sort of thing, then it makes sense that you are worried about the situation. The crooked glances of the environment, the circumventions of acquaintances, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, the emotional damage when she finds out, all do not like it.

Or is it more that you socialize together, play tennis and chat, without actually catching up in case of distress.If the latter is so, then you are much better off if you do not interfere. Perhaps that man’s behavior is a reaction to a previous slip of his wife. Not good though, but we, here on Quora, don’t know that all. They may have agreed to let go of each other for a while, which usually turns out to be a divorce, but not always. They may have decided to stay together for the time being.

In any case, what is not pleasant is that others, including you, are confronted with that cheating.So you could begin by telling that man about how you experience it. Perhaps he says that you have to interfere in particular with yourself. That also seems to me to be a legitimate view, by the way.

And unlike Robert 芒 鈧劉 t grouse I wouldn’t connect an ultimatum to that.In addition, unless you have been a witness of extramarital sex, you don’t know for sure. People are shooting in all sorts of reflexology as they feel caught: shame, denial, feeling threatened, it can be all. People also need a little time to set themselves up on a new reality, in this case the new one is that what they prefer to be kept secret is now on the streets. You also don’t have to complicit yourself with cheating, so don’t promise not to tell it to your girlfriend.

Yet it is by far the best, and in this sense I agree with Robert, if they come together, without interference from a third party.But I think I could also live with it when it comes to the man that he has apparently not been so discreet and that by going strange he endangers his marriage and disconnects his extramarital relationship.

But, as I said, it all depends on how close your friendship is to the woman and what you are obliged to each other in that respect.

Tell the hair, that’s your duty as a girlfriend.

If the husband of your girlfriend had committed a murder, wouldn’t you even be holding back?Then you bring her life in jeopardy, think you’re going to avoid things before it’s too late.

The same goes for cheating.You see that someone plays with the feelings of your girlfriend, then you make sure that she is not hurt any further.

It is about how you are in contact with the husband of your girlfriend.

If you always see her only when her husband is at work, or she comes to visit you, you don’t actually have any contact with him.

But if you see him often and you are a house friend/house girlfriend you have a base to say what is allowed.

I would worry, that I was alone with the man, without my girlfriend there.

Then I would talk about adultery.About a fictional friend of mine, who cheated his wife.

芒 鈧?艗i told him that he had a choice.Or he told it himself to his wife, or else I told it to his Womani.

The man of your girlfriend will quickly understand that it is your humanity and that you know that he commits adultery.

Certainly, if you mention a term in your fictional story.

芒 鈧?艗i gave the man a week to confess the adultery to his wife.If he did not, I would say it to his wife.

The man of your girlfriend will understand the message clearly.

If he does not provide clarity to his wife/your girlfriend, you have no choice.

Then you have to tell the hair yourself.

And then you have to tell, that you have tried to let her husband confess the adultery himself, but that he did not.



I know that problem and I never forget that he told me he was going weird.The best thing was that he also asked me to take care of an alibi when he was with his girlfriend. In the end I was happy with it, so he could never catch me that I was strangely with his wife.

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