My friend asked me to give my cat to someone because she is allergic. I love my cat and my girlfriend. What should I do?

If someone were to put me before this choice, then my decision would be very clear – I would keep my animal and separate myself from the person.

For your pet you are the world and it will always be true to you.It cannot comment on the matter and would not understand at all why Herrchen/Frauchen suddenly no longer loves it and it must no longer be in his home.

Your girlfriend, in turn, seems to be quite selfish and she is also able to understand the situation.

How can you expect someone to separate from their pet?How massive is it to think of yourself as so important?

Throw them out and buy your cat something fine.

Oh, what a dilemma.I just don’t know. Probably most people would give away their cat… if it is possible for you, and you love your girlfriend very much, yes, maybe… Perhaps desensitization helps the allergist. And how pronounced is the allergy? Our cat is a true magic being, so tender and loving, incredibly communicative, gentle… I had her as a baby. She had 5 brothers who drank all the milk away. So I raised them like an early baby – on the advice of the vet… and today she is so full of confidence that you can even claw her on the belly, she lays down devotionally, enjoys what other cats usually do not allow. In the meantime I also have a slight allergy… after cuddling, I very often have to sneeg, the eyes itch… but I couldn’t give them away. We now also have 5 sons, so like their brothers… and she is our cat girl. I live with the allergic seizures… I then rinse my face with a lot of cold water, avoid letting her sleep in my woolly clothes, or take a wool blanket that has already cuddled her, and rather try to get a grip on allergic tendencies elsewhere… E.g. no pork, as little to no wheat as possible, but at least no genetically modified wheat, eat a lot of fresh stuff, so salad & co, because this raw food stimulates our immunoglobulins, which can reduce allergies. Good luck:)

I had chosen the cat in the same situation… I try to justify it: I don’t want to be with someone who puts me before this decision.Without first looking for other solutions (separate dwellings, other measures). Just the idea of giving away a beloved being was too much for me, too rational and past me. Keep your fingers crossed!

If I were in your place, I wouldn’t give up my cats… For me, these are family members for which I have taken responsibility, of course it is unpleasant for your girlfriend, with the allergy I can understand, but to demand such a sacrifice I do not find right. The cat will always be by your side, but do you know how long your girlfriend will stay with you?

A compromise has to be found and if your friend really loves you she accepts your love for the kitten and also agrees to a compromise.

Simply put, choose one page.But no one can take that decision away from you.

Alternative might be for the girlfriend to ask the doctor of the trust for an anti-allergic.For this, there are nasal sprays, eye drops, and tablets. However, if the allergy is so severe that there is a risk of swelling, or shortness of breath, the medications no longer help.

For me personally, it would be easy now.I would be unequivocal for the girlfriend, but I can easily say that because cats are not my case. I would be in the same situation if the cat were a dog.

My logic would tell me that the girlfriend is to be valued as a social partner higher.But my heart would rebel strongly against it, because I count dogs just as highly.

I would probably go the middle way first and ask the doctor for medication together.Many allergy sufferers are also allergic to certain things, such as the skin scales of an animal. This could be reduced with special shampoo, and or regular washing. Fur could be disposed of with meticulous cleanliness in the apartment, often dust-wiping, often vacuuming, often brushing out pet, and fur hairs immediately, … also contain it.

If all this were of no use, I would try the pet elsewhere with relatives, friends, acquaintances, … to get under.So I can live with the girlfriend, but the pet wouldn’t be completely out of the world.

This kind of dilemma is not wished on anyone.

If the cat is already relatively old, it would be very inhumane to expect her to change the wallpaper.If the remaining life is foreseeable, the girlfriend will probably have to be patient.

If, on the other hand, she is still quite young, one could consider giving it to someone in the environment, where she also has company and/or more run-out, but you can still visit her to dampen the separation.

No idea how well you can manage or desensitize allergies in this direction.

On the other hand, one can also ask the question whether an animal is really about a human being or an animal.personal happiness. A cat in particular does not consider you to be a master or an uninterable reference person. With a dog, the separation would be much harder.

But I don’t presume to give the ultimate advice.

Keep cat, if you love your cat then she loves you and you have a connection.Giving the cat away is a stupid idea, it will probably torment you a lot sooner or later and it is already incredibly grateful to you and glad that you have taken it. Grant you your friendship and she will be by your side until the end. And that your girlfriend is putting you before such a decision is morally indefensible.

Counter-proposal: your girlfriend could be desensitized!My son did it successfully because his then girlfriend had cats.

Ask an allergist.

But putting yourself in front of the election does not show much willingness to compromise.Are you sure she’s the right partner for you?

The cat remains faithful to death, a man not

I would, but that’s just my opinion keep the cat and if your girlfriend did anything against it she wasn’t the right

I certainly make myself unpopular when I say that I would put the cat in good hands in your place.Because yes: You took responsibility for the cat and of course you hang together. The cat can also do nothing for your girlfriend’s allergy. However, if you love your girlfriend and she is allergic, the allergy cannot be desensitized, in my opinion this is the right way to go.

The tips to simply find a new girlfriend, I think are wrong.If you love a person, you can’t just replace him, can’t you?

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