KLM is under attack because they asked a mother to cover herself while she was breastfeeding her child on a flight, what do you think of it?


I find this comic always exemplary explaining the hypocrisy of people who are interfering with breastfeeding women:

I mean but ^ ^

I was not going to answer this question, which I have added myself, but when I read some replies, I get very irritated.

Just for clarity:

1- breastfeeding IS not something sexual, and it IS not attractive women who show the most attractive part of their body.

Breasts are very sexualized, but I expect everyone to behave like a civilized man and understand the basic concept of using breasts for what they are actually made for: feeding a baby. And don’t get me wrong, I also like to play with breasts in a sexual way, but if a baby is involved, I don’t even know how some people can still look at breasts in a sexual way.

2- breastfeeding to a child in an airplane actually helps everyone to have a better flight.Do you remember the pressure in your ears while flying? You, as an adult, know how to pinch and muzzles your nose, or how to yawn or swallow, or chew gum to relieve this pressure. Babies? They cannot. The only thing that can relieve them is breast-feeding. So…. Yes, a mother who is breastfeeding in an airplane does you (and everyone) actually have a great pleasure. You all know very well how you are already irritated if you only see a mother with a small child or a baby in an airplane: “There goes my silent flight!”; “I bet the baby is going to cry all the time….”…. The only thing the mother gets is hostility. And most of the time she is going to do everything to keep the baby or toddler as quiet as possible during the whole flight, so that everyone can feel as comfortable as possible. That leads me to my next point:

3- Breastfeeding in public is not fun.I have never been happy or happy to breastfeed my child. I’ve never actually been breastfed to start with. But some things are what they are, and a mother will do what a mother needs to do. For her child and sometimes for the rest on the plane.

Breastfeeding does not happen according to a schedule.Any suction of a baby is the equivalent of placing an order for his/her next meal. Each breastfeeding is tailor-made based on the order placed during the previous feed. That means there is little to no control over when, where and how long the mother has to feed her child. It is not a erratic behavior. No unorganized mother. Not a woman who likes to play the Blessed Virgin Mary, or who shows her breasts or breastfed to everyone’s face. It’s just nature at work, and it’s amazing how it works. As soon as the breasts begin to tingle and the milk to be washed…. It is almost impossible to postpone the breastfeeding.

4- “Keep in mind that there are people around you who may not feel comfortable with them”.

Okay, let me ask you this: how selfish can you be? Do you know how it is to get a baby?And yes, I know that no one is forcing anyone to get a baby (if you ignore the pressures of peers, the family, the expectations of society, your hormones, and well, the survival instinct, yes, indeed, nothing forces you to get a baby ), but once you have been given a child, and you are the only one who takes care of it in today’s individualistic society (unlike whole communities and families that the mother previously helped), then you just do what you can. Try to show a little empathy: the mother has not slept for more than 3 hours uninterrupted. She has to think about everything to ensure that this little creature remains alive, but also in a healthy way. The pressure on mothers is so great, and yet no one helps or supports them. Most people in our society see a mother and her child as something that varies from a simple disturbance to light or downright annoying.

With all that is going on in the head of a mother, and if she is one of the “lucky Ones” who has received an episiotomy or a cesarean section, all sorts of bodily complications from childbirth… Or a “simple” breast infection…. Just imagine that you have a second in its priority list, where is your own little personal convenience to not have a chest to see?

5- “It costs nothing to cover you” okay.So I tried that. Once in a tiny crowded restaurant, my daughter got teething and pain, started to get very restless: I had to breastfeed her to help her. My breasts started to excite and I felt the milk intruding there and building up. It had to happen. I could also see the whole posh lady over me who looked at me and I was just too tired to take a stand. “Cover it, it’s easy and will satisfy everyone”. Well. That did not quite as planned. My daughter really got irritated by the cover, and she flipped. She started screaming so hard and crying that the whole restaurant looked at us and annoyed him. Tell me exactly, what should I do? We ordered our food. We are waiting for it. The baby shouts her lungs out. The whole restaurant and the Chic Lady judge me. Should I stay? Should I go? But I’m hungry and am exhausted. My food is coming. Just because one person couldn’t look at one breast, I covered it. And then…. Everything went to hell. My baby was unhappy, I was super stressed, the whole group was irritated, and it was a disaster. It’s not natural, it’s not easy, it doesn’t make things any better and it doesn’t work for all babies.

6- “Why doesn’t she go to the toilets?”.That really makes me angry. Do you eat in a toilet? Have you ever been to a public toilet? Do you think it is good to feed a baby next to people who defecate in toilets studded with bloody sanitary bandage and I know what?

Are you really asking a exhausted mother and her baby to sit on a dirty toilet (there are no TOILET covers on public toilet seats), to feed her baby so you don’t have to see a little bit of breast skin?And to tell you the truth, I have shown fewer breasts when breastfeeding than now with the outrageous d茅collet茅s I like to wear. But hey, funny enough, now I see no one complaining about my d茅collet茅s or breast skin.

Conclusion: I’m not going to be nice, but I think it’s for all the people who suffer from seeing a breast-feeding mother: become mature.

And if you really can’t, or your culture is so different, well, why don’t you cover you off so you don’t have to see it?

Seeing a mother breastfeeding is one of the most property things to see.Such a little one-always beautiful. But many people seem to see a sexual or otherwise inappropriate meaning. They are the people who are allowed to cover me. Very deep.

It will be the zeitgeist.Because gentlemen and some ladies have a wrong meaning to them, women must hide themselves. That is the world upside down. It is necessary to take account of all kinds of sensitivities that are manifestly logical, to be brought under the heading ‘ I have no need for ‘ and which are taken for granted. My idea: Grow up. Not your needs are central, although you think so. Just look the other way-how difficult it can be.

Another kind of alienation phenomenon.Man who alienates himself. Sad.

I find it shocking.

It fits in the trend to sexualize all the female.Virgin, whore and mother.

It probably fits well within the prudish Christian culture of the USA and the equally prudish Islamic culture of Saudi Arabia and Co.

I doubt that this is a progress. It is rather an infantielization, but not in uneety but in guilty thinking.

Dirty.Bah. Boob.

Can I also ask that lady in short black tight dress if she pulls a Ma faith gown?

Can I also ask if the man with tattoos on his head wants to use a paper bag?

Can I also ask the tettering and gieling ladies if they want to stick tape over their mouths?

Can I also ask for socks for a person with slippers/sandals?

Can I therefore demand that the person next to me not get any more food, because I find the sound of eating people terrible?

All things that I or others can take offense of.Will we cover everything and put everyone behind a sound-proofed curtain? And if there is a measure against smell, then that is also right away!

When I read it, it also pulled out the Belgian media, I was shocked. Is there anything more natural than a mother feeding her child?Beautiful yet.

Where I could possibly get even harder, KLM was defending this position by saying that they do so if there are passengers on board who may have been shocked or feel offended.

Personally, I am a great supporter of a multicultural society, but who feels insulted or shocked by the fact that part of a woman’s breast is visible, has an unhealthy attitude.The fact that a member of staff makes it a tragedy during a flight, says after the KLM press release a lot about the wrong attitude of the company.

When I read it, I immediately had to think of the incident somewhere in Germany some years ago.There, a senior police officer took it in her mind to ask the population not to go hand in hand on the annual Christmas market because there could possibly be some visitors to take offense. It was immediately sent out to the avenue.

I find it logical that KLM is under attack.Personally, I also think it is good and nice that KLM is under fire. Personally, I cannot respect people who take offense to breastfeeding. I do, by definition, struggle with people who want to deny or prohibit people’s products, services, expressions or non-aggressive behaviour. The toes of man today have unfortunately become potgracefully long. As a Liberarian (minarchist to be precise) I always advocate the so-called Non-Aggression principle[1.So I have no understanding for people (or jankerds if you will) who complain about breastfeeding in public. That does not mean that I believe that every owner of each company-just like any human being on his or her own property-should be allowed to determine his or her own house rules. If KLM’s owners find that you are not allowed to breastfeed in or on their property and/or territory, then they do so. You don’t have to have empathy for house rules, but you need to follow them. No one is forced to make use of KLM’s services. Just as one is not forced to visit a club where, according to the House Rules in force, hats and sneakers are forbidden.


[1 Principle of non-aggression

I had to look up the article, because although it was apparently a flight from the US, there was no attention to the American media.How many people can now have had “burden”, but only those who were sitting next to the woman? And what do you see, a piece of skin, because that baby is sucking on the nipple. According to the article, it was the stewardess who was bothered by it, but nobody has asked that stewardess to keep watching how that woman is doing her child, if she does her job, it doesn’t normally bother. No one has said that she has to pass by and she can swap with another stewardess as long as it lasts if the hair is so hindering, but then it says more about her than the mother who is sooting her child.

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