It is said that insects are going to become the food of the future. Have you ever eaten an insect?

Yes, it has been trendy for a while to offer insect burgers in supermarkets.So a burger I have eaten once and actually the taste is not strange. A little nutty.

Yes, as an adventurous child playing outdoors.It’s officially not really an insect, but I’ve eaten a rainworm (tasted to earth). In addition, during the cycling I regularly had flies and mosquitoes, this was not really the intention, but it did happen. I am very curious about the insects that are often eaten, such as mealworms and grasshoppers, but I have not done so yet. I’ll wait until Naturalis is open again, who always sold some insect sweets for consumption.

All the food that is fried tastes good, so I don’t see why that would not apply to insects.

Yeah though.As a former teacher in survival techniques, this was even my speciality, insects (wider arthropods) and plants.
Insects are not actually the food of the future.They are eating yesterday, today and tomorrow.
We look at this again with Western eyes, but forget that we are the only continent where insects do not make a part of our food chain.We are the exceptions.

Mealworms taste for beech nuts.
Krassertjes (grasshoppers) taste for pistachio nuts with a spicy pigtail.
Cauliflower grasshoppers then have more meat but I find fewer flavors.
Termites are very tasty with their own taste that I can not bring home.
Banana caterpillars were not my thing, which tastes of immature bananas and I prefer to eat my bananas when they are black.
Crickets also to Nootjes.
Dazen to paper, not really tasty but you don’t have to bother to catch them, they come on you to cross.You can take advantage of that.
Tarantulas (no insect) are on my wish list, they would taste crab.

If there are readers who have an aversion to eat insects, ask yourself if you eat shrimp.These are eventually also arthropods.

The first time I had eaten insects was on holiday with my wife in Thailand.
We were in the extreme east of Thailand, in a place on the Mekong River which forms the boundary between Thailand and Laos.Although I was horribly caught up there on the market as the only Westerner-my wife is of Thai descent and didn’t like it at all-it was nice to linger. And so the question came naturally to one of the stalls where they sell insects: have you ever eaten them?
No so, and not even a minute later, the answer is for every moment in the future: Yes. And not one, I’ve tasted a whole series of different insects on that night.Grasshopper, cricket, some kind of mealworm, and some other insects. Tastes fine.

In My early twenties I have put myself on one of my biggest aversions of food (fish) and that is also a good thing for me.So I will rarely say no to a new dining experience. So far, this has given me a solid abdominal cramp in Thailand, which was probably the squid that was not quite good anymore. My wife didn’t suffer from anything.
However, I have to say that with my wife I have the appointment that I (in Thailand) only eat what she indicates what is safe. That did save me some abdominal pain, like the time the shellfish weren’t completely fresh anymore.My wife smells the difference immediately, to me it smells all strange.

Eating insects, I don’t say no to that, but it remains a weird idea.
But that’s the eating of frogs for me too, and there are sat people for whom that is a delicacy (and of course I also tried it, and also tasty).

For the moment I refuse. I prefer to be vegetarian than I add insects to my diet.

In the south of M茅xico one eats chapulines as a kind of snack.It tastes a bit salty. There are snacks that I find tastier.

Some types of ants have a fairly spicy flavor (sweet acid). A knowledge of me in the Far East once eaten roasted scorpions.

To a kind of satestokje.

Yes, was to do.Not very tasty, not too dirty.

I will absolutely not eat when I know that there are insects in the food.I think I’ll go dead when there’s nothing else to eat. I would also go dead if I had to hunt and slaughter the beasts myself. I leave the insects for the people they like.

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