Is Windows 7 still considered better than Windows 10? If not, why?

I’ve been wondering for a long time whether I can give a great answer to that.OK here it comes (as I hope):

Microsoft has a habit of changing its GUI on every new OS, and somehow people tend to love their old familiar surroundings and be more skeptical of the new environment…
I can also answer your question when switching from
Win98SE on Windows XP
Windows XP on Windows 7
questions – there has always been great perseverance in client operating systems of MS in favor of the old, mature and no longer changing operating system – so again habit!

Whereas with Windows 10 you have to say, with every upgrade *something* changes and you just have to stand on changes….

Back to the source question and my personal statement: I find Windows 7 crap (.) Point.this becomes much clearer when you look at the server systems instead of the client operating systems

Windows 10 is the same as Server 2016 or 2019 (depending on build)
Windows 7 is equivalent to Windows 2008 R2

  • No current CPU support
  • SMB 2.1 (if I have a NAS and that can SMB 3.0(2) I can only file transfer and no block transfer)
  • General Hardware Theater (M2)
  • TLS 1.3 / current encryption
  • Feeling Windows 10 is simply faster – I’m not saying that, but notebook users and CADlers)

What I would like to say with the examples, one tries to get rid of this server OS as far as possible in the company environment (2020 EOL is coming 😉 and although I have not yet found a great advantage of Server 2016 on Server 2019, a unified platform Windows 10 + Server OS runs smoothly and no one in the server environment comes up with the idea to continue using Win2008R2 when he does not have to (there we are e at 2012R2, possibly with Classic Shell)

Back to Client and Windows 10

Windows has never worked the way I wanted to without additional tools or curbs on quirks, but the benefits of Windows 10 (DirectX, quick start because the kernel is only put to sleep, apps) far outweigh the usual Windows 7 (and believe me all I really miss the Windows 7 gadgets – If you have a way for something like it on Windows 10, always come with it !!)

I’ve posted several times – there’s a wonderful Powershell script called Windows 10 Decrapifier, 1803/1809 which tracks Windows 10, then there’s another

  • Image Viewer – IrfanView or Acdsee
  • Video Viewer – Windows Media PLayer Classic
  • Browser – Firefox or Chromium
  • Search Engine – Everything

What I mean, you need 20 additional tools for your personal demands from me so that Windows (10) works the way you want, but the kernel is so much better than Windows 7 鈥?and unlike Android, where everyone wants to be as individual as possible and 80 additional apps on se in handy, you prefer to complain at Windows instead of picking out the programs that suit your needs…

And dear people, from Windows 10 Prof you can use GPOs that doesn’t offer you Mac or Linux like that and just say to Windows 10: Keep it, you shouldn’t do that 🙂

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