Is Trump really as stupid as many think?

Last fall, in a dispute, the president challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an intelligence test after he allegedly called Trump a “duck.”The gifted mensa group stepped in with the proposal to host an IQ test for Trump and Tillerson. Nothing came of it. For both sides acted as if the matter had been just a joke. Following Trump’s recent self-praise, the Washington Post asked the White House over the weekend for the results of a presidential IQ test. However, there was no response. That Trump attaches particular importance to describing himself as mentally stable and extremely intelligent is striking, said Dean Keith Simonton, a renowned professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis. The renewed discussion about his mental state obviously hits the US president at a sore point, Simonton said at the request of the Washington Post. The researcher questioned why Trump did not publish results of an IQ test. “I think we can guess why.” The psychologist Simonton has researched intelligence and related topics throughout his life and has written many books on it (e.g. “Genius and Creativity”, “Genius, Creativity and Leadership”, “Greatness: Who Makes History and Why”). Simonton conducted a study examining the intelligence of more than 40 US presidents. The study, published in 2006, was prompted by the presidency of George W. Bush, whose intellectual abilities had been repeatedly questioned. Simonton’s team of psychologists identified an intelligence quotient between 111.1 and 138.5 for the US president, who was in office from 2001 to 2009. “He’s definitely intelligent. And he’s definitely smart enough to be president of the United States,” Simonton said of George W. Bush at the time. At the same time, the investigation found that Bush had the fourth-lowest IQ of any previous US president. The psychologists used the historiometric method to determine the ranking of the smartest presidents. The necessary personality profiles were created on the basis of educational qualifications, personality descriptions, biographical sources and many other information that could be used as IQ indicators. TRUMP IS NOT DUMM!!!!!!!! As proof, Trump then claimed that he had made it from a “VERY successful businessman” to a “top television star” and then “in the first attempt” to the US president. He thinks that would mark him not as smart, but as a genius, “as a very stable genius!” wrote Trump, who had already run for the US presidency as a Reform Party candidate in 2000. Wolff’s book, which portrays him as a politician who does not understand the importance of the presidency, he called “boring and untrue.” The author used Bannon,”who cried when he was fired and begged for his job.

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