Is there such a thing as a fascination with violence?

Question from: Ela BrĂ¼ninghaus

Is there such a thing as a fascination with violence?

Oh yes, I’m convinced of that.

Just because we humans are limited.All we have is the strength we have. There is no more in it. When a machine has a power that exceeds ours by an astonishing multiple, it is fascinating.

Harvesters are enormous machines that do the work of dozens of loggers in seconds.I find such a machine fascinating. So without taking away workers and families may no longer have a dad to bring money home. Sure it always has two sides, but now there are times and what they do is really the hammer.

There is also crude violence in the scrap shreds.Whole cars are put in there and come out in small completely shredded parts. Everything, seats, engine block. What kind of violence there is….

But there is also a fascination with actual physical violence.If one recognizes somewhere wrongly, but sees oneself unable to intervene, because one cannot defeat a criminal gang of perhaps 50 strong men alone. One recognizes one’s own helplessness and suddenly one comes who can do this and makes it clear one by one that his consciousness has just come to an abrupt end. That’s the fascination of superheroes. Sometimes someone who pulls the counter straight. “Clear Ship”. Stand up for justice and for the poor, the weak and the sick, against an almost insurmountable dark power.

Thousands of movies work like this.

Or just put it all away in a round of Call of Duty….

Feeling like you have the power.To be superior to being able to prevail is probably what feeds the fascination with violence.

Everyone has a sense of justice somehow.If this is violated and it is constantly being violated in our society,…. Whether someone is pushing at the checkout, taking away the last seat in the train, not paying attention to the driveway, or simply accidentally pushing you. Maybe you had a bad day in the office and you’re already on the tin and then…… Boah would be horny.. DANNNNNN….

YES then you would show the world where the frog has the curls.But then you can’t be commanded around like you just did in the office…. Then you are who, a personality, someone who tackles something, who succeeds, a winning type….

However, this kind of violence can be fascinating.And as long as you realize that it’s a telegame, it’s still possible.

It gets worse when play and reality mix and the patients get into a spin.

I think there is also a sense of danger.That’s why people stand on a board and surf in a tube of a 20-metre wave because they know if they build crap now, that’s it. Bunjee jumping, skydiving, freeclimbing, everything like that is part of it. To test what you can do without losing control.

After all, there is a form of violence that does not come from outside, but arises within us.The violence that wants to protect us from harm. The violence that says, “Hey age until you’re wrong, or what?” and then the other bird comes and chirps on the other shoulder and tells you. “Don’t listen to it, you can…”

I think the body is developing much slower than we think.We are actually still Stone Age people in our diet. Sure, the diet has expanded colossally, but we still don’t need much carbohydrates. As in the Stone Age. And in the Stone Age, we had daily experiences that had something to do with violence. We had to hunt animals, which was dangerous, because the animals, of which one was also fed up, could defend themselves quite well. Then there were animals that were not on the menu at all, but also had a diet on which man was on it.

The whole organism is at risk.In any situation, whether we realize it or not, decisions run from “fight” or “escape”. That’s just in us.

Now the smooth ironed everyday life doesn’t give so much away.Saber-toothed tigers have become remarkably rare in our latitudes. You could say we don’t have the kick. Because in such situations hormones are released, adrenaline and norepinephrine, especially. If the stress lasts longer, adrenocorticotropin is released, which in turn leads to cortisol from the adrenal cortex. And such a hormone kick has something! This is the body’s own drug kitchen. Whoever does this all the time becomes addicted and needs this kick more and more often.

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