Is there (much) difference between the different brands and types of toothpaste? How do I find out what the best toothpastes are?

The power of Fluoride

The essential, active ingredient in toothpaste is Fluoride.Most toothpastes in the Dutch shelves contain Fluoride (1,000-1,500 ppm). However, in certain natural stores this may vary. As long as the toothpaste contains Fluoride , it will be effective in helping prevent cavities (caries).

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an indication of the anion of Fluor (F-).Fluoride is therefore not the same as the chemical element fluorine (F), this is a common misconception!Fluorine (a chemical gas) is toxic, and Fluoride in the limited concentration in toothpastes does not. This is on the contrary conducive to the oral health.

How does Fluoride work?

Most people know that too much sugar can lead to cavities, but only one single knows the exact mechanism of action behind them.Bacteria in dental plaque produce acids from sugars. These acids dissolve the minerals from which teeth are built; The tooth demineralizes. When these “acid attacks” occur frequently, cavities will occur. Fluoride ions, from fluorinated toothpaste, can be incorporated into the dental structure.The tooth becomes therefore more resistive against acid attacks, and will go less rapidly into solution (demineralization). Two times daily brushing with fluorinated toothpaste in most cases satisfies this protective effect.

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Toothpaste, together with mouthwash water, is the most unnecessary product on the market.
Your teeth will be as healthy as you just brush them with your toothbrush.At a certain moment the manufacturers have expanded their assortment. They launched a marketing campaign as the too-dull fluorine flavor would harm your tooth enamel and launched the Noice (or slightly vague plant) tasting brands.
What I buy is a round box of 1, 5cm high with lid and a green or white powder in it (at Kruidvat they have it).You take your toothbrush, hold it on the faucet and shake it off. Then you baptize him in the powder and thoroughly brush your teeth with it. The flavour or smell plays no role at all; However, the granular structure of the powder does. Rinse well and if necessary still es naschrabben with or without powder (name: Dentoblan; otherwise ask)

The reason the Romans had such brilliant teeth was their low sugar consumption.They were polishing their teeth with some salt or coarse-grained sand.

Again: The flavor is a learned habit that this fresh flavour belongs to it.

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