Is there intelligent life on the moon?

The Chinese are back on top.Budding around, but I only think with robots.

So not at the moment.Come back.

These houses are used with a 3D printer of the moon rock as “ink”, built in to ensure radiation protection.

This is what they should look like from the inside.

There are also other concepts that assume that the moon also has caves.

Jeff Bezos recently introduced the Blue Moon.A Moonlander of provisions and also heavy equipment can bring to the moon. Together with Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy, nothing would stand in the way of colonization of the moon for a permanent stay.

The interesting thing is that the rocket is fully reusable and each single launch costs only a fraction of what Nasa had to pay in the late 1960s.

This is where the empty but reusable boosters land.

The point is that we have to go up again, because the mouse doesn’t bite off a thread. Because we want to go to Mars.Not because it’s so great, but partly because we have to learn how to do it. Mars is a completely different house number because of the distance.

Unfortunately, Mars is too light, suffering from planetary incontinence, which cannot hold the water.Problem? The boiling point of water depends on the atmospheric pressure and it is so low on Mars that the water boils as soon as it is thawed. And the refreshing wet escapes into space.

On the other hand, we have to solder a spacecraft together for the flight to Mars, which is much larger and could not take off from Earth.The fact that the moon has only 1/6 Earth-heavy ness is very convenient.

Ultra-long projects could do terraforming first on Mars, then on Venus.Well, I was amazed. 360掳C on average, 92 bar pressure, what’s going to happen, but there are scientists who are much more optimistic.

Of course, you won’t want to do all this in order to be able to give some earthlings an exotic home, but as always it is about the money.So what do you want? They want to do mining. There are a lot of amazing raw materials in the vicinity and that’s where you want to be.

Let’s see what’s going to happen….

I’m very excited….

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