Is there enough evidence to make the theory of evolution hard?

Others have already replied, and yes they are there. I thought you might appreciate it if I would mention some examples of evolution in action.

The most well-known example is the Birch tensioner.This is a moth that, as the name implies, is found on birch. It is also called pepper-and-salt-moth. This is because in the first instance most butterflies are white, to mimic the bark of the birch. Less than 1% of the population has a mutation which makes them dark, but because they are not properly camouflaged, they soon turn up, and they do not survive long.

Before 1811, one did not even know that there was a dark variant, but in field research in 1848 at Manchester (because the Birch tensioner is found in England) they suddenly felt remarkably many specimens, and at the end of the 19th century the population was reversed, with 98% of the butterflies dark.The reason? The industrial Revolution was in full swing in England, and there was such a strong pollution that buildings and also the normally white birch were black from the soot. So light butterflies fell more and were eaten earlier.

After the pollution was less, the population turned around again. This was controversial at that time, as Darwins theory was only considered as a theory, not as proven.Many people tried to depress the story with the Birch tensioner, but Michael Majerus started as recently as 2001 with an investigation that attempted to replicate the circumstances of the turn-around, and confirm the results of Darwins Theory of evolution. [1 He only lived himself not long enough to see the edition of his research in 2012.

The two versions of the Birch tensioner,[2the kind that can change within one hundred years of color:

That is one example.

Another is the snails Wouw, a bird of prey that occurs in a large part of South America, and a small part of North America. They normally live from snails, which they break open with their mouths. In Florida, these smaller slugs were pushed by the great Island Apple snail, a name for which I can’t find a translation.

These snails were first introduced in the years ‘ 90, and within years they had taken over the mess.This was a problem for the Wouwen, because the snails were too big to fit in their beak. But within 10 years (!) Had the population slag Wouwen living in the same area as this snail a much larger jaw, because so the individuals with a slightly larger jaw over a few generations were a lot more successful in survival, and the beak of the population as a whole with it Gradually grew. [3 and we can see the difference well, because populations elsewhere have not encountered this change!

But the most gassed evolving species you haven’t heard yet, that’s because… Man!In 2018, a study of the Bajau in Southeast Asia was published, a people who are also called sea creatures, because they live their lives at sea and dive into food. They have traditionally lived for the last 1000 years. [4

And… They have a larger spleen than is common in humans, about 50% larger than a nearby community that does not live mainly on the water.What makes that out, you will perhaps say. Well, because of the larger spleen they can create more red blood corpuscles, which hold oxygen in the body, and store them in the spleen. Ideal for longer dives.

Other mutations in populations have also been found (for example, lighter skin, greater lung capacity, dry sweat, and the ability to digest dairy without getting sick of it) but it is specific in this small population, and simply very Cool.The spleen! Did you know what the spleen does? I in any case not.

But well, yes there are so proofs.In some cases, these proofs have even been proven after several different lobbying groups have attempted to deforce a century and a few, because there is a huge amount of money pumped into pushing creationism. Nevertheless, the evidence remains just there, even in ourselves.


[1 Selective bird predation on the peppered moth: The last experiment of Michael Majerus

[2 Peppered moth evolution-Wikipedia

[3 Bigger Beaks and the Island Apple Snail

[4 Free Divers From Southeast Asia Evolved Bigger spleens

Well, we can see evolution happen.Theory has a fairly strict meaning in science, you have to have done some good predictions before you can call something a theory. And if the theory of evolution is not true, then there is no reason for us to be cautious with antibiotics, for example. The reason why it is a bad idea not to finish your cure is that the bacteria that are best at the drug can continue to live the longest and antibiotic resistance is being evolved.

“Is there enough evidence to make the theory of evolution hard?”

Once a collection of scientific evidence is called a theory, you can go out of it, without having to know anything about it.

A scientific theory should also not be seen as absolutely true, but as the most throbbing explanation for perceived facts.And the big difference between science and opinions: Everyone is invited to take up an existing theory.

The scientific method is also unique because it departs from the idea that, to prove that you are right, you have to try to prove that you are wrong and you have to tell exactly how you have come so that others can repeat your results.

Before a set of scientific facts is called a theory, it is seriously and hard tackled by scientists, all of whom have been trying to prove that it is not all true.

Scientific theory-Wikipedia

And then: If a theory is not true, then it does not mean that reality is not true either.

Compare with Gravity.Newton, with three rake laws (another weird word in the scientific context), has put down the principles, the theory of gravity.

Einstein has given a firm twist to this and put the whole of the laws of nature in a much broader context.

But: for Newton There was falling things already on the ground, after Einstein things also just dropped.

And even more: It’s not because Einstein is right, that Newton is completely wrong.

Contrary.Newton’s laws are still alive and are used extensively. But Einstein’s explanation is an even better, useful description of reality.

Idem so for evolution.

Evolution (Living things change over time and by that change originated species) is a observed fact.

The explanations of Darwin and others are:

  • Living beings do not give their information perfectly
  • This way of transferring information creates differences over time
  • Species that are best adapted to their environment, survive and pass on their differences.
  • This is the explanation for the emergence of species.

This has been observed countless times.

Darwin himself did not know HOW the information is transmitted that leads to differences and the ultimate in different species that are no longer mutually fruitful.

After Darwin’s death, the entire science branch started around genetics.Everything that is discovered there confirms the principles of Darwin’s theorem. What’s more: a very important mechanism behind Darwin’s theory was also uncovered for the first time.

Our modern medical and biological sciences are all based on Darwin’s theory.

And what is so fun and useful to a scientific theory?You can make predictions with it. Not like Nostradamus or horoscopes, but quite focused. “If this is true, you should see that”.

For example, we have been actively searching for viruses, bacteria, microbes, the mechanisms of diseases, how and why our bodies are moving, the explanation behind diseases and conditions that some people do not have and others do.

To even how cheeses and beers get their unique flavour.

Just about everything we understand from animals, plants, agriculture, food,… is built up somewhere on the theory of evolution.

There are no observations or scientific discoveries that contradict Darwin’s theory.On the contrary, the more we know, the more reliable the principles he described for the first time are proving to be.

And hence… “Darwin’s Theory of evolution” instead of “the favorite theorem of Darwin” or “Darren’s crazy Idea”.

It can always be that Darwin’s description of reality is not right.

And then there will be another explanation that better explains how evolution as we perceive them works.Includes everything we know about genetics and medical science.

Because evolution is a fact.The laws behind it are, we think today, best described by Darwin. Because his idea proves to fit with the observed reality.

Countless scientists have added or refined things, certainly and firmly.Just as countless scientists in physics have added valuable things. It’s not just Darwin and Einstein, it’s just about the whole scientific community.

And the only thing you have to do to belong to that community is to study very hard.No conspiracies, no secrets.

So, Darwin’s theory can still be overthrown.Like Einstein’s theory, which in certain cases better explains the reality and predicts Dan Newton’s theory.

Scientists are obviously open to this.In fact, everyone would want to be the woman/man who follows Darwin.

But so-called evolution-skeptics are doing something different than trying to extract and replace evolution scientifically.They ignore all reality that does not fit in their stall and invent it.

That’s why you often read-also on Quora-the greatest possible nonsense about supposedly scientific evidence.

However, there have been a number of lawsuits against the actions of creationists and intelligent design fans (e.g. to get their religious doctrine in science lessons).There all those so-called skeptics must admit one by one that there was indeed no evidence whatsoever for their theses or against Darwin’s evolution theory, but that it was a question of faith.

And that’s right.And that is allowed.

You believe what you want.Believe for my part that the Earth is flat, that gravity is an illusion, that the world is 6000 years old and that evolution is a great lie.

But science is all nonsense.

Until today, to regret who envis it, there is still no decravement of Darwin’s “survival of the Fittest” * theory.And whoever thinks this is because scientists are not doing their best, has never met a real scientist.

Any scientist who can obtain an existing theory, certainly such an established as the theory of evolution, may expect to be at a Nobel prize.

* The phrase “Survival of the fittest” was not invented by Darwin, but he thought it was a very good summary.As long as you “fittest” but does not translate to “most trained”.

Evolution Theory-Wikipedia

Evolution Simply explained.

There are libraries full of proofs.The evolutionism has been hard-made for a long time.
In fact, there is no evidence.

Everything is just right.The fossil file is conclusive. There is no “missing link” anymore.
The physics behind it is true, chemistry, mathematics, biology and all that in so many ways that it is impossible to deny that evolution is pure reality.
In fact, many different sciences have come to the conclusion that evolution is the only explanation for the phenomenon of our varied life.There is simply no other explanation. It closes like a bus. What do I say? It closes even better than any bus.

We have even seen evolution very often.In fact: we have caused evolution! Now take all possible breeds of animals we know. Of horses, of cows, of dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. These breeds are things that do not occur in nature. In nature There are other species, but no breeds.

Breeds are things we have cultivated by selecting certain characteristics that we wanted to preserve and top up.

For example: by careful crossing we obtained long-haired rabbits.This is due to the growing of rabbits who “accidentally” (bad word, scientifically seen, but it helps to understand this equally better) had longer hair, to isolate and to let again mate. This caused a few generations that only long-haired rabbits were born. The Agora Rabbit was a fact.

That is steered evolution.And after a very large number of generations (think of millions here), the offspring of the Agora Rabbit and the original rabbit will have deviated so far from each other, that they cannot get any more fertile offspring with each other.

Think of Tiger + lion = Lijger.Goat + sheep = GAAP. Donkey + horse = mule/Mule, depending on the sex of horse and donkey.

And even later in evolution, the offspring of the Agora Rabbit and the rabbit will simply not be able to generate any offspring.Then the development of one species to two animal species is complete.

Right away… Here, as I said, there is no doubt about it.Only superbelievers do not seem to have any doubts, but that is completely irrelevant. Fictional monsters such as idols have no place in reality and science, and arguments based on those monsters are simply not a theme.

Yes John… You are the living example yourself.

A splendid example of evolution is the still persistent discussion between normal people and science deniers.In the past, there were a lot of people who believed in stupid ideas but because of the evolution of thinking there are less and more.This is because better ideas predict better and therefore reduce the good ideas. Better ideas predict better, that’s say the motto of science.

TL: DR just think about yourself… Self-sacrificing questioners on Quora did not have you before, which have evolved.“Trolling for Jesus” they call that.

Hard Filter Bubble
But why are there still so many science deniers?The answer is again: Evolution! Science deniers are increasingly using better-evolved arguments to be able to continue to convince each other of their equal within their increasingly hardening filter bubble. Normal people use ever better evolved arguments to try and break that filter. An evolutionary race like the Falcon that dives faster and the pigeon that is increasingly looking around.

Recursive algorithm
Evolution beats every recursive algorithm that converts variation to better adaptation to reality.(Evolution therefore applies not only to ideas but also to body plans, colonies and whole ecologies of life. The theory of evolution based on natural selection predicts how species originate, why men have beards, and infectivity. Without the correct predictions, half of this was a long-standing death due to poor meat, wheat and rice yields and scary illnesses. Persistent misconceptions such as “evolutionary theory declares only emergence of species of life” may persist through evolution for a long time.

Artificial fertilizer
Before, before we figured out how to make machine-ammonia, people thought you could improve harvesting by meditating very hard and slaughtering animals for an imaginary super friend.But even the current ritual negotiations with your imaginary superfriend are the result of centuries of ritual evolution and that you call religions. Fantasy friends such as Sinterklaas, Zeus, Wodan, Flying Spaghetti Monster or Vishnu. A contract with a virtual weed killer, a fabricated irrigation device, and an imaginary fertilizer spreader. Yeah laugh at it. But in the past people believed that.

Family religion
Most religions, like also language, are distant family from each other.For example, Christianity and Islam are once created as sects of Judaism and then evolved into all the different divisions with Sunnis, and Orthodox Greek, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Mennonites and New Age people. All very explainable by evolution, those splitting off. This is how evolution of religions works.

Teething diseases
A prediction of that theory of evolution makes is that religions that best survive are super good in adapting to reality.These are the great religions that still exist today. Those have been so stubbornly made by evolution of stacked credible (but untrue) ideas that they are still allowed to infect children with super friend ideas.

There ever evolved a religion where you not only had sex before marriage, or if you were a priest, but where no one should have sex.Well, that was not such a good adaptation of a religion, for without any modifiable children such a religion dies quickly.

Carry out and challenge
A good of the evolved ideas of successful religions is that you must “suffer” for the fact that you believe untrue things.And that, for example, you “carry out” your faith by going to Quora asking questions to show like-minded believers how faithful you are. That’s how bacteria become so contagious. Non-infectious bacteria die out. Not Schamende Believers Recruit (Proselyteren) new believers and affirm each other in their filter bubble.

But….On Quora you can only ask questions. So what do you see emerge? Self sacrificing question-repetiders! Science trolls who continue to ask the same question aloud that has been answered hundreds of times. And people who continue to give the same type of answers aloud. Meek. Because they are nice normal people and want to stay that. Who believe that explaining better ideas helps. We call that Co-evolution.

And you see that here in your question and the answers underneath.Wonderful how that evolution works right?

So no that theory of evolution works very simple.Take care of inheritance (copy words, ideas or genes), make for variation (not perfect copies), care for selection pressure (better survival, be right, filter bubbles defend)… and repeat that as often as you like.

You don’t have to have any evidence for that.Whether we allow a cow to evolve under selection pressure until it gives 40 litres of milk or science denial or religiosity evolves into the phenomenon of self-sacrificing demand-repetiders and their shrew scientists on Quora.

It’s all evolution!

Have I made it a little hard?


The theory of evolution is one of the best-founded theories.At least at level with the atomic theory and gravity.

Your question is a clear troll question from someone who is not at home in the matter and has apparently been told to get ‘ evolutionists ‘ with them on the closet.

Now I’m going to give you a conclusive answer to your incorrect question:


No, not that there are no evidence demonstrating that evolution exists, but no, so don’t ask.First you make sure you are aware of what you are asking a question about.We live thickening in the ‘ information-era ‘. Google, Bing, first look for it and then you go and see what you really want to know about.

You do in your question whether there is a logic in it, but it does not exist:

You have evolution (inheritance with adjustments/mutations) and you have the theory of evolution (Theory/model describing the workings of evolution).

You have no ‘ evidence ‘ to make a ‘ theory ‘ hard.You do have evidence (and its interpretation) to support a theory. A theory, is something other than: ‘ Look the air turns orange, then somewhere in the country someone will think of you. ‘ or ‘ Look it rains gently, that are angels who cry ‘. That’s what you call a ‘ theory ‘, but that’s a ‘ cradle ‘, a fabulate. Theory in the sense that you want to use it here is quite something else. It is a deduciable and reproducible explanation of observed causality. It is a ‘ scientific ‘ explanation of connections and expected consequences. Your question just doesn’t have the ‘ Baudet ‘ level.

You have evidence for evolution, because you cannot ignore it.Your parents have had sex and you are the result of that. They each gave a half cell and together became that you. Each half cell also had only half of the chromosomes of each and together you are the mixing of genes that were in those chromosomes that could connect. That means inheritance with mutation, BECAUSE you are not one of your parents. You don’t even have 100% of 1 of your parents, nor will that ever be able to. Then you are cloned and even that is not 100% (but then it becomes biochemically too complicated to explain). For example, every generation and so we know who is family of each other, without being able to see someone’s face, through genetic material. That also indicates HOW inheritance works. It works (that’s the process) and it can be described (and it can give predictions on actions that are taken) (that’s the theory).

In other words.NO you don’t ask a question this way.

YES, there is enough evidence for rain, water, wind, that plants grow to the sun and all life on earth had a common ancestor somewhere in history (if that’s another… Grey area at the point where the first cells arose).That is evolution. A theory must always be falsifiable, otherwise it is a dogma. As churches and beliefs use to make sure people continue to listen to them. So you can still find so many supportive material for that, but ‘ theoretically ‘ it is still possible that conflicting material is found that the whole theory falls into the dark. However, the process still persists. This is how the earth is glued to the sun. Even if Newton’s laws become obsolete, the ellipse orbit will remain the same.

Now, go to a library and read something from the science department.Also read what other fiction works than the Bible. You can learn a little more about that. I can assure you that you will come back to this question in a year and laugh at how stupid the question was. Go and learn (multiply your knowledge).

Yeah, yeah, great, say.Even more remarkable, it seems that the earth is not flat but about spherical…

Can the American creationist neurosis have infected the Netherlands?Or would these metastases come from backwardness from other continents?

There is more evidence for evolutionary theory than for the alternative theory that the Earth was created 6000 years ago with all the fossils, geological layers and sediment deposits in order to bring people astray and test their faith in a book that Between 3000 and 2500 years ago was written by people who did not know better either.

But each one’s taste.Furthermore, I have no need to go into this trolls question.

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