Is there anything in the universe that doesn’t move?


The principle of our existence is that every substance of the medium we call space is constantly changing, which we then ultimately perceive as a movement.

This change takes place on a single dimension, which we ununderstandfully also call “time-duration” and which is still in a special relationship with three other dimensions, which almost for a certain time bend into the dimension of this time-duration. .

Nevertheless, every smallest possible quantum of the medium we call space has an absolutely constant size of Planck’s length.Together with the time-duration and the other three dimensions, these would be four dimensions with which we can now describe the structure of space. A 5th dimension is then necessary for the change of the present.

This does not correspond to the usual model of imagination of physics, but nevertheless this is not a contradiction, but only a more comprehensible interpretation of what Einstein and his disciples believed.

This is because the change orthe obsolete idea of the stretchability of time, which is clearly too spatially designed for a one-way limited dimension of the usual notion of time, which must also undo the stretch. This dimension would otherwise continue to stretch time indefinitely. So the time duration is a spatial dimension that can take variable values.

What would these values be?
Well, these are the distances, the radius of an object, which isotropicly spreads its presence as an effect in any direction for a certain period of time.However, one should not overlook the fact that it is only a quantum, i.e. a single integer value, the smallest possible radius, which determines the highest possible resolution of the substantial medium called space.

Now comes the question: how should something change when it cannot become smaller or bigger than this final 1 ?

This is basically quite simple, the substance of the medium consists of individual points, which can obviously overlap, since the 4D structure has a special effect that only a few people are aware of.If you divide things into two planes, we have the 3D layer with the gravitational properties on the one hand and the 4D plane with electromagnetic properties on the other. And so things that are in the 4D layer can also be in the 3D layer.

This can be compared to two chairs on two different floors, with the top chair occupying the same X/Y coordinates as the chair standing on the lower floor.In the same way, you can make the field lines of a magnet visible with iron file shavings and understand that things are always on both planes on the same 3D coordinates.

Thus, the point value on the 3D coordinate will also reflect the sum of all superimposed points from the 4D plane.And that is exactly what the electromagnetic amplitude is, which we then also understand as field strength, where the points are all photons.

And so your question doesn’t really end here, but I’ve described it in my Quora level on my salon blog and only reproduced a part of it here.

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