Is there any meaning in life?

A huge question, for which there are certainly millions of answers – or none at all.

After the RESET we are born, everything we have from earlier experiences from a life before is geloescht and the whole game starts again from the beginning.

This usually works quite well, except for a few faelles, where the child had noticeable memories of the previous life, which all had hands and feet, so were prudenmed and bribed.One of the most famous faelles is that of a boy who remembered being a pilot in the English Air Force.

Without a doubt, at least for me, we are born again to solve in our new life problem that we have not resolved in our lives before or only poorly.

As you can see here, love is certainly a big part, but also how we care for our fellow human beings, treat them and help them.So we just go through life and for each of us there is a very special plan. challenges especially made for us. Nothing happens by chance, everything is planned. By whom or what ? Now that is the big question. God? Buddah, Alah or whatever it may be, it seems to me that all the energy is from which we will come and go again.

We are here to gain experience and pass it on to whatever it is.Our coerpers here in this world, that are just something like cars that carry our minds that what we are and will always remain.

It is important to understand that we are all one and will be together one day when we leave our “auto” again, at least until the next round, here or somewhere else.

Money or any kind of material possession has little meaning and in terms of the meaning of life. You can’t take anything with you’s more of a kind of ballast. I think I have to do that a little bit more.

When you are really fat rich, you also have a certain power over other people.This power can of all things also be misused to bad things and the temptation to do so is also lost. So, for example .. Trump sees a beautiful woman .. yes, and he wants to have it. He manages to get them to bed – many by force or not – yes, and then he pays her silence. There must have been ..

Such a poor worker, unemployed person would certainly not have this problem.

From this we can conclude that being rich even brings with it a lot of special problems.Tailored to the environment. Many of trump’s previous lives have been poor beggars, and in this life he has to prove that he can handle a lot of money and fame without hurting his fellow human beings.

Well yes since has just lost her and then becomes a lot of beggars again in the next life .. or even Hofschalk aka.Clown. 🙂

ALso the purpose of life is simply to live life and to set high standards in relation to dealing with our fellow human beings.

To love and respect them.Everyone in this world has a very specific history to tell and it doesn’t matter where we come from, how much money or houses we have.

Consider that I am completely unqualified to answer such questions.

Cheers, Peter

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