Is there an answer to how God came into being?

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(Isaiah 43:10, 11) “You are my witnesses,” is the saying of Jehovah, “yes my servant whom I have chosen, that ye may know and believe in me, and that ye may understand that I am the same.No God was formed before me, and there was still no one after me.


I — I am Jehovah, and besides me there is no savior.”

God exists from eternity to eternity; it has neither beginning nor end!

Of course, this is not tangible for our brain box!

and, as usual, another theme from the Bible:

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The Flood – did it exist?

did she leave traces?


Oblique: … Quotes from documents

blue… Interpretation

a) Statements concerning the Ark and the Family of Noah


The dimensions of the ark are given in the Bible, in


Genesis 6/15,16


new mandate for the multiplication and control of wildlife

Genesis 1/28

possibly invisible graphics!

c) Witness statements concerning the Ark

The report can also be found in crops far from the sea.

Chinese character for ship

the thick black border comes from me and marks the Chinese character for the term “ship”.Here is the decomposition of this sign:

Is it really an unlikely coincidence that the number “8” is included in this combined character?Eight people were in the ark!!

But how did these reports get to these distant areas?

The Bible gives the following explanation:

Genesis 11/1-9

This explains not only the totally different fonts (languages).but also why in the most remote areas the flood narrative is widespread, of course mythologically decorated.

And now back to the subject.Other traces of this flood


sea deposits have been found in high-altitude caves of mountains


The Bible reports that Noah sent out a pigeon and it sent an olive leaf

( Genesis 8(11)

It has been proven that olive leaves, as they are highly oily, do not spoil if they lie in the water for a long time.


At the beginning of the thirties of the last century, the archaeologist

Woolley a significant discovery.

Photocopy from the book “The Bible is right” by Werner Keller


Plant finds


Animal finds

How can these finds be explained?

A housewife knows that meat can only be preserved by shocks.

In connection with the flood, there are other questions to be clarified, namely:


Where did that come from?


Why does the Bible report that the water stood 15 cubits over the highest mountains (which guarantees every plant and animal on the whole earth was sufficiently covered with water).I quote:

Genesis 7/19,20

Now to the explanation that the Bible gives

Genesis 1/6-8

God called the expansion “heaven”, which was obviously the air envelope or the firmament, which appears as blue from earth and from outer space.The waters above the air envelope cannot therefore mean the clouds, because they are within the air envelope. The Bible therefore speaks of a water canopy above the air envelope. Is that possible?

Let’s look at the Brockhaus


What can be seen here?That there is a huge layer here, which bears the name “Thermosphere” and in which there are high temperatures.

Steam is produced at 100


c.What concentrated steam is only at 1000


C possible!

This water roof collapsed in the Flood (by God’s intervention) and thus led to a drastic climate change.This now explains many things:

Since, according to scientific evidence, the whole earth (before the Flood) had an almost balanced climate and the whole earth was covered with (tropical) plants, there were no climate sheaths and therefore no high mountains.Due to the falling water masses, the already existing shallow seas (Genesis 1/9,10) and the softer parts of the earth’s crust and lifted up the firmer parts.

A Bible verse, which refers in principle to creation, but is also applied to the Flood, reads:


Now the wash envelope was gone and what came out of it?At the poles, where the sun has hardly any power, there was a sudden icing; in the other areas, snowfall began to form in the higher regions, which certainly took some time due to the volcanic warmth of the Ararat.And now to the hint, which appears underlined above, where were the animal carcasses, whose flesh was still edible? Mainly in the polar area!!

Now again a scientific fade-in

now we analyze:


the mountains of the pre-flood time could easily be covered with water at an altitude of 15 cubits, as they were previously much lower


the sunken coral reefs and islands find an explanation


The sudden freezing of tropical plants and animals out of the living state


The finds of marine deposits such as mussels in high-altitude caves


Considering that the moon can produce spring floods, what an enormous amount of water movement it causes only at such a huge depth of water, which explains that large animals have been torn apart


This explains why animals that do not belong together at all in today’s climate were found together

(g) Indications

In 1955, the hobbyist Navarre found machined wooden beams on the 5,000-metre-high Ararat (three-country corner of Russia-Iran-Turkey) which can undoubtedly only have come up through the flood.

(h) Final remarks

According to the biblical chronology 2370 pZ, the flood occurred.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are willing and free to help people get to know the Bible (more precisely).

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