Is there a social media that has changed your life? Why?

Céline, my life has been considerably improved by LinkedIn.After my retirement, as enforced by law by age, I missed cooperation. LinkedIn has created it again.

Colleagues with the same interest, who could not exist in a small language area like Dutch, find each other worldwide!!!

Yes.Social Media has changed everyone’s life, so too. It is not 1 specific social media. The advent of the ‘ smartphone ‘, which offers all communication smoothly and continuously in our lives, has changed that same life.

Anyone who thinks he/she is not influenced by social media is ignorant about habits and how things quickly seem ‘ natural ‘.

Have you already given me a mail address when you purchase?Have you already passed your phone number for your children’s school for Whatsapp? Does your association, school, work Al Yammer, Facebook Messenger, Linc/Microsoft Messenger, Facetime, Hangouts, SharePoint, Skype, Twitter? If you stop here, you will see that all these things have drastically changed your life. Mail is already almost passe, but still you can hardly go without it. Appointments, announcements, even government documentation, all via digital roads. All part of ‘ media focused on social communication ‘.


It is a place where I have once again learned to formulate my thoughts.To discover what I still know and how I can word it all

I have few views and even less upvotes and in the beginning I had a sincere experience.I mean it seemed to be a measuring point of cleverness/fun or recognition of my knowledge/life experience anyway.

But gradually I have been able to let go of that.I do this especially for myself and that’s OK. I am now especially curious what my tone of writing is. Especially bulletpoints, just write down my thoughts, or do all sorts of relevant source research and write a whole article. Something I have seen a lot on English Quora site

I don’t have an insta/Twitter/other medium or Facebook and LinkedIn.FB is more of a birthday calendar for me than anything else. LinkedIn is handy considering I’m looking at what I want to do on the job market.


Ah there is something to shoot me inside. It’s been more than 15 years ago but CU2 had impact on me: Beyond the fact that you learned to abuse HTML (yep that’s the good term), I learned to know new people and to be aware of what private info you shared and what language to use.It was Tinder/FB combined!

About a year and a half ago I started an Instagram page with the goal of learning how to grow an Instagram page quickly.I chose to make a page about hotels because I like a lot of travel and nice hotels.

In a reasonably short time I managed to make the page grow considerably.Now large enough to be able to stay for free in beautiful hotels in exchange for posts. So yes, it has changed my life though.

For you too?

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