Is there a shift to the right in Germany?

The right is definitely roaring louder than the rest of the population.

On closer examination, however, I would say: yes. And that’s scary.When I listen in my private environment and in the workplace, I am sometimes frightened by the attitude with which relatives and colleagues come across. This is especially true if you are quite cosmopolitan and culturally open-minded.

Certainly, not everything goes smoothly in terms of the ntegration, but this was already messed up almost 60 years ago with the arrival of the first guest workers.At that time it was just felt that they would go again anyway. That “the” people are somehow overlooked. People settle permanently where they can make a living for themselves and their families. And that’s why they stayed there. At that time, one should have started with the “ntegration” but that was not desired. For this reason, communities that are virtually self-contained have formed, and they have remained among themselves. They have failed to approach each other from the outset. And this seclusiveness, this closed-end swearing-in, has something mysterious for the non-involved, then the imagination of what they are now planning to do flourished. In another culture, which was not originally native here, this can be strange and instill fear when ignorant of what is going on.

Then the conservationist impulses come back to fruition very quickly.From because of alienation and cleanliness of the breed and so a crap.

Especially in the case of Germany and Central Europe, the quote from Zuckmayer’s “Des Teufels General” , from the People’s Mill of Europe, comes back to mind.

Europe’s People’s Mill – Wikipedia

And now imagine your line of ancestors 鈥?since Christ’s birth.There was a Roman captain, a black guy, brown as a mature olive, who taught Latin to a blond girl. And then a Jewish spice merchant came into the family, that was a serious person, who became a Christian before the marriage and founded the Catholic house tradition. 鈥?And then there was a Greek doctor, or a Celtic legionnaire, a Graub眉ndner Landsknecht, a Swedish horseman, a soldier of Napoleon, a deserted Cossack, a Black Forest fl枚zer,a wandering miller boy from Alsace, a fat boatman from Alsace Holland, a Magyar, a Pandur, an officer fromVienna, a French actor, a Bohemian musician 鈥?all this has lived, rallied, drunk and sung and fathered children 鈥?and 鈥?and the Goethe , who came from the same pot, and the Beethoven and the Gutenberg , and the Matthias Gr眉newald , and – oh what, look in the lexicon.They were the best, my dear! The best in the world! And why? Because the peoples there have mixed up. Mixed 鈥?like the water from springs and streams and rivers, so that they run together into a large, living stream. From the Rhine – that is: from the West.This is natural nobility. That’s race. Be proud of Hartmann 鈥?and hang your grandmother’s papers in the drain. cheers.

This should make the right screaming necks, which swear by the “pure German blood”, have an intense effect on themselves.

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